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Every day with your better half is special. But the day when you come together to celebrate your relationship is what beats every other occasion. Reminiscing your time together and looking ahead at the future while enjoying your present is the idea behind making your anniversary memorable. It is the day that calls for leaving aside everything else and focusing on each other – completely and fully – because both of you deserve it. It’s the celebration of your love and solidarity as a couple, and so you must not let it pass just like that.

We have thought of some ah-mazing gift ideas for you and you’re S/O to make your day worthwhile.

  1. Anniversary Album

Starting from your first anniversary, click a picture of two of you and continue doing this every year. You can choose to tell a story through pictures or click them in the same pose. Keep putting these pictures in an album. A few years down the lane, this will become your window to the past – the glorious past that is filled with your memories together. What better gift can give them?

  1. Handwritten letters and flowers

Write a heartfelt letter describing how much you love them. Pour your heart out. This is your chance to say everything through a letter that will always remain close to their heart. Letters are an age old way of expressing oneself and they never go out of style. With the help of our portal send anniversary flowers online to your partner along with the letter. Nothing will make them happier.

  1. Spend the entire day together

This is the day for both of you. It is your day, it must feel like it. Take it as an opportunity to find time from your busy lives and be there for each other. Spend as much time together as you can. Go over your memories together, do your favorite things and make each other happy. Together you have come a long way, so celebrate your victories and make it memorable.

  1. A cake – as sweet as you two

A day as such must be marked by something sweet. So pick up a personalized gift and then combine it with a cake.   Surprise them by baking a cake at home or send anniversary cake online to them. This cake is going to be sweeter than usual, because it is coming from you and we can assure you that.

No matter what you do, your anniversary is your day. Language of love is understood by all. Every little gesture goes a long way when it comes to expressing how you feel. It’s a milestone – and one which you have achieved together. Don’t shy away this time. Open you heart up to them and then see how amazing it feels.

Have a happy anniversary.

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