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Express Your Emotion Through Different Flowers

Flowers are one of the most glorious and lovely creations of the world. It can somehow always work on every occasion. Whether you want to apologize for something or want to congratulate your dear ones - flowers will definitely work.

If you want to send flowers in Delhi to your loved ones & express your emotions. Here presenting you with some marvelous examples to express your emotion through flowers:-

#Celebrations with Carnations


If any special occasion is coming and you are unable to decide or you are still in confusion about what to give? Keep your confusion aside.

Give your friends, family or your close relatives a beautiful arrangement of carnations.

As carnations come in lots of colors. These different colors depict different emotions. The vibrant colors like Red, Orange, Yellow, and Purple can make even the somber mood into a cheerful one.  Celebrations are one of the most important emotions of human beings. Carnations are full of fun and happiness. Their bright colors arranged in a bunch or an arrangement will definitely work for all occasions be it be birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and parties.

 # Flowering Festival   

Festival Flowers

Festivals are events usually celebrated by a different community of the world in their own ways according to their religion or culture.

We Indians celebrate many festivals throughout the year in a unique way. Festivals are also one of the parts of celebrations. Festive celebrations are incomplete without flowers.

Since in most cultures it is considered auspicious. We find most of the flower shops in front of the temples and places of worship across India  

As festivals like Diwali and Holi are full of brightness and joy then at that time a bouquet of yellow and orange flowers will always be a good option As yellow and orange is a joyful color and radiates brightness and warmth.

# Happy Beginnings with Lilies


If you are looking for a gift at the time of new year celebrations or for an inauguration ceremony or a party for a newborn baby or for starting a new business. Then you can never go wrong with flowers at these times. 

Start a new phase of life with these colorful, beautiful, mesmerizing and dazzling flowers. It will always be an awesome choice. Lilies are the best you can give to somebody at these times.

As lilies are the sign of good luck for the new beginning. There are many varieties of lilies available like Asiatic, Orientals, Day, Water Lilies. 

You can give a beautiful arrangement of Pink Yellow, Orange, White Lilies.

# Convey Your Love with Roses


Is it that you have a true feeling for someone but didn't have guts to express it.

Then the flowers will definitely help you,

Trust me you will all gather up the guts of expressing your feelings to your partner with a bunch of beautiful red roses. Even if you are unable to muster the strength the Red Roses will itself say without saying. 

As red roses are a sign of unconditional love towards your partner.

Those red roses will surely assist you to affectionate your true, loving feeling for someone.

# Gerberas Make Everyone Better


 If your friend or relative is not feeling good in health or He is facing a hard time in his business or in his social life. Give him a warm, beautiful bunch of gerberas to express all your love, affection and gratitude towards him.

Gerberas in their full bloom and vibrant colors will surely make him feel better. A nicely arranged Vase makes a wonderful addition to the bedside table and cheers him up all the time. These flowers also have healing powers.

This gesture will let him know how much you care and mean to him. A bright, fragrant “Get Well” bouquet of Gerberas works wonders for lifting spirits and improving their outlook of life.

 #Apologise Your Mistakes with Orchids


Sorry never makes a person small. If you have done a misfortune or a mistake then apologize for it as soon as possible. Admit your mistake amidst all the conditions and say sorry with a beautiful smile and flowers.

You can never go wrong with a bunch of Orchids. Saying sorry with flowers works like a charm. Orchids are the best option to choose for apologizing to someone as orchids add power, strength to a relationship. Orchids are a symbol of innocence and friendship. They are ideal for expressing your heartfelt emotions, especially to a friend. So to say sorry to someone you just need a cheerful smile and a beautiful bouquet of orchids.

# Console with Dazzling Chrysanthemums


Affinating someone at hard times especially at funerals is the sign of your true love and care towards them.

It is always a nice gesture of giving flowers to honor the life of a friend or loved one. The family is grieving and these flowers ensure compassion and love.

At funerals, we usually send a bunch or a wreath of white flowers to sympathize with them. It makes the closed one in the family feel better and comforting throughout that grieving time period.

Sympathy flowers are a simple yet heartfelt way to let someone know they are in your thoughts at a particularly difficult time. When words don’t come easily, express your sentiments with a stunning bouquet of sympathy flowers. 

 # Give Gladiouls For No Reason at All

GLADIOLUS vase arrrangements

Sometimes you don't even need a reason or an occasion to express your feelings to someone. Just give a bouquet of Gladiolus to your loved one without any special reason. The person can be your partner, mother, father, brother, sister or friend. Trust me while receiving that bouquet it will bring a beautiful priceless smile to their face.

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