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Brothers might be the most irritating beings you have ever had to be around, but they still hold a special place in your heart and your life. He might not let you have the chocolate by yourself or maybe would always ruin your perfectly styled hair, but you know for a fact that no matter what happens he’s always got your back. From saving you from your mother’s words to standing up for you in front of anyone else, your brother is truly your knight in shining armor. It may be a huge task to live him, but living without him is sure an even bigger one. And, a brother like that deserves every joy that the world has to offer – Don’t you agree?

If you have been struggling to find some good rakhi gift for brother ideas, then the search ends here. We have compiled a list of some of the best rakhi gifts for your brother.

  1. Handmade Gifts

This option has to top the list, even when there is no ranking. Making a gift for him yourself is just a non-verbal alternative to shouting out to the world how much you love your brother. Make a card for him or maybe surprise him with home-made sweets on this Rakhi. Shake the boxes of your memory and make something that will hold a special meaning for both of you.


  1. Ward up his wardrobe

One of the best gifts for your brother on this rakhi would be adding a little style to his wardrobe, and obviously only you can do that. Buy him that leather wallet you laid your eyes on the other day, or the shoes he has been crying for ever since. Getting his favourite things from you would not only make him happy but also always make him remember you and the memories you’ve made together.


  1. Personal grooming kit

If there is one thing that every sister would always agree on, it’s that their brothers are clumsy and in dire need of grooming. So step up, girl! Get him a personal grooming kit (including beard care, deodorants and other similar things) and make sure he becomes a civilized human being – because that’s what sisters are for, no?


  1. Desk Accessories

Office can be monotonous and boring. But a gift that is memorable and close to one’s heart might just be able to turn those mundane days into happy and cheerful memories. You could gift him a framed picture of you two or a mug or things alike, that would remind him of your love and unconditional support on days when he needs it the most.


  1. A gift close to his passion

A guitar, some books, gym equipment or maybe a camera – anything that he may have a strong longing towards will make for an amazing gift. This will bring you two even closer because getting him a thoughtful gift is a symbol of your never ending support and encouragement.


The affection and admiration that you and your brother share for each other are enough to make any day special. And with Rakhi just round the corner, it becomes even more evident.

You can also search our portal and send rakhi gifts to India along with availing the option of rakhi delivery in India. So go on, buy his favorite gift and make the day as special as you can.

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