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Make Rakhi Special For Your Kids

Being parents to beautiful children is a blessing in itself but when you see them loving each other the way you love them, that is the kind of satisfaction every parent longs for. Since the very start, the festival of rakhi holds a special place in the hearts of siblings. This is one day when they’re in the focus – of everyone else and each other’s. And obviously, as parents the burden of making them happy and getting them gifts is your responsibility. So whether you’re looking for rakhi gifts for baby girl or rakhi gifts for brother, FloraIndia is here to help.

Kids might come across as easy to please, but c’mon! Who are we kidding? All of us know of times when you bought something they had cried their lungs out for, but discarded just moments after. And especially when the gift has to come from their brother or sister, it has to be scrutinized even carefully. We know how difficult it can be to satisfy them. Hence, alongside providing online rakhi delivery in India, we’ve brainstormed a few ideas in the hope that maybe they could be of help. Read on!

According to us, these can make up for the perfect gift for young children depending on their age

  • AGES 0 TO 2

Infants and toddlers have many needs to be taken care of, and its best to get something useful for them. From walkers to toys that might catch their attention. Here are some of our recommendations:


  1. Bedding, pacifiers and alike

If you’re getting this for your own child, or a cousin – it’ll be the most useful gift (yes, for the parents). Understanding that a gift is appreciated more when it’s useful will help you in choosing the right thing. And you must keep it in mind while getting something for infants.


  1. Musical Story books

Getting the attention of such young kids is the most difficult thing ever. Gifting them musical story books will not only capture their attention but also help in learning while playing.


  1. Blocks and Lego

Building blocks are fan favorite (we mean children). Get these for a kid and just wait to see how excited the little one would get. The coulorful interlocking parts are intriguing and exciting for children.


All of these are easily available and tried and tested recommendations. Along with these you can also gift clothes, shoes and other accessories available for infants and toddlers.


  • AGES 3 TO 5

Once a child starts going to school, your gifting options increase. With new learning and higher exposure, many things can come in handy for kids aged 3 to 5 years.


  1. Stationary

Pencils, erasers, scale – basically the entire geometry box (Nostalgia is hitting us too), and other things like coloring books or maybe even nametags can be good ideas. Receiving such gifts and then showing them to their friends at school are enough reasons for kids to feel good.


  1. School Bags

You will never meet a kid who isn’t happy at the idea of getting a new school bag, bottle or even the uniform. Basic school supplies are the most precious treasures at this age. You will sure become their favourite if you buy them a bag as a gift.


  1. Clothes and Accessories

Buying clothes and accessories for kids is a task worth spending your time on. You get a variety of styles and colours to choose from and obviously, these are the cutest little things you’ll ever shop for. And which kid isn’t happy on getting new clothes. You will never go wrong on this.


Buy anything with love for your kids and they’ll be happy in no time. You can even take a look at our portal for online rakhi gifts delivery.


Greetings from all of us at FloraIndia!

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