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Mother’ Day Special: Gift Flowers and Make Her Feel Special

Do you love your mom?

I am feeling foolish to ask this question as there is no one in this world who doesn’t love mother

And why we won’t?

We have innumerable reasons behind loving her from the bottom of our heart. She is the purest of all, she is the most selfless, she is an inspiration, and she loves us beyond boundaries.

We all know her importance and which is why we celebrate mother’s day. On this occasion, we take an opportunity to appreciate her and tell her that no one can take her place in our heart. We, dedicate this day to our moms. As of now, this occasion has become a big day for all of us as we get a chance to honor the person who is the reason we are living this life today.

Mother’s Day is generally celebrated on 14th May. However, this occasion is celebrated on different dates in other countries. In India, it is celebrated on the second Sunday in May month. People also celebrate it in different-2 ways. But, the objective of this day, for all of us in the world, is only to adore and respect our moms.

What Do People do at Mother’s day?

We got so many ideas to make this occasion as special as possible. Hence, we all celebrate it in our own way.

How do we possibly make this day:

  • Gift cards, Flowers, and cakes
  • Have a family meeting altogether
  • Go to a restaurant with family at lunch or dinner
  • People living abroad make an emotional call or write an email to their Moms
  • Write a poem about our mom
  • So, there could be several exercises to make this day most memorable.

    Nonetheless, one can do the best is to gift the flower to his/ her mom. As the flowers have the same attributes as our moms have. It has purity, beauty, honesty, inspiration and so on.

    Well, many of us always get confused about what flower they should buy on Mother’s day. So here, through this article, we help you out to choose the best one depending on the nature of your mom.


    If your mom is full of fun, most energetic, a child at heart and playful then gift her bouquet of beautiful lilies. She would be more than happy.


    Is your mom is a sweetheart and gentle women? Gift her bouquet of tulips.


    Your mom is loyal to her family that she’s always ready to sacrifice for the family. Delighted violets are the right fit for her.


    Your mom is Ms. Perfect who has the right choice every time. Roses relates to her personality. Gifting bunch of roses can make her most happy.


    Your mom has a good humor sense. She is master in home decors and attires. Gifting her bouquet of orchids may be your best pick.


    Your mom is a dignified woman who deserves huge respect. Give her bunch of Gerbera and become her favorite.

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