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Our eyes long to see beauty – and what’s more beautiful than a bunch of flowers. Flowers have been given as gifts since ages, and the charm doesn’t seem to die any time soon. And till date, getting flowers for your S/O is the most thoughtful gift.

You obviously remember the moment you saw the love of your life for the first time. Those butterfly you felt and the shine in their eyes? Doesn’t it all come back to you when you think about it? This is the love- the love that won’t ever grow old. Which is why, your excitement shouldn’t grow old either. Every anniversary is a milestone that you’ve achieved together. Why should it be anything less than the joy you felt in that first moment? Don’t let time or any other barrier stop you from surprising “your person”.

Moreover, finding the perfect flowers has become easier these days, due to so many online flower sellers and local florists. But you might wonder, what’s so special? Why you must send anniversary flowers? Because, flowers speak a language that everyone understands. Each year of your togetherness is represented by a specifically special flower. It will signify your bond and the victory of your relationship. For instance, Carnations – a symbol of long lasting commitment are gifted on the one year anniversary ; Roses are gifted on the fifteenth anniversary to signify the beauty of the relationship ; On twenty-fifth anniversary, Iris is chosen as a gift since it symbolizes faith and promise; and, on fiftieth anniversary, gift them yellow roses and violets to celebrate virtue and faith.

Imagine being at the receiver’s end. How would you feel if your life partner gifted you your favorite flowers on your anniversary as a token of love? The rush of feelings in that moment when, you see them standing right there in front of you with a bouquet in their hands and a huge smile on their face – isn’t that worth it? Love is all about being happy in their happiness and doing anything that it takes. But all we are asking you to do, is to find the flowers that spark joy in your heart and give it to them. Make it worth it.

Flowers have the ability to convey your love even when you aren’t there. There is just this quality to them – a feeling of belongingness and being loved. Gifting flowers is an easier way to express what your words fail to say. You might not be the cheesy type, but this one gesture will make up for it. Plan the perfect evening – Make a dinner table reservation for the two of you and dress your best. Or maybe, stay at home. Buy anniversary cake online, cook them dinner and surprise them with these flowers. And however you celebrate, make sure both of you have the best of the time. Because, at the end of the day that’s only what matters.

And for us, we’ll be just here, in awe of you two. (And also, ready to help you choose the flowers)

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