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What to Gift Your Sister on This Rakhi

The relationship between siblings is often like a rollercoaster ride. You grow up fighting and trying to prove the other one wrong, only to become each other’s biggest admirers in the coming future. Whether you’ve grown up taking care of your little sister or being pampered by an elder one, you would very well understand her importance in your life.

Giving a thoughtful gift to your sister on the auspicious occasion of Rakhi can be a brain cracker but the shine in her eyes after getting it would be priceless. Some of our rakhi gifts for sister ideas are as listed below.

  1. Customized gifts

Getting your sister something that is personalized and has a special meaning for both of you is one of the biggest gestures. She will be elated and cherish this gift for a long time to come. You can get her coffee mugs with both of your pictures printed on it, matching t-shirts, a framed photo collage or even a keychain. Anything that conveys your feelings and thoughts would be important to her.


  1. Handwritten card and chocolates

Expressing your love for your sister through your words might not be easy, but it sure is an amazing way to make her feel good. Instead of buying a card, make one yourself. Write in it everything you love about her and give to her along with a box of chocolates. And trust us, her smile after receiving these would be to die for.


  1. A spa day

This one is an easy gift and preferred by many. Just get her an appointment from her favorite spa destination and voila! There it is. The best gift you could have ever gotten her. Having a day to pamper her and feeling relaxed is maybe all she needs amidst adulating.


  1. Something from your collection

All the brothers own some material object that their sisters have an eye on. It could be your t-shirt or a watch. And if you can decide to give that to her, she’s going to be on cloud nine. A little sacrifice for that one person who’d give up anything for you is worth it, no?


  1. Go cliché, yet special

Buy a pretty dress, jewelry or a cosmetic kit for her. Even though these gifts are common, a lot of thought goes into them. And she is going to appreciate if you go out of your way and buy something for her because sisters know how difficult it is for you to shop for them.


While our team is working day and night to make rakhi delivery in India easier from no matter where you are sitting, we also hope to help you find the perfect gift for her.

Have a happy Rakhi!

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