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Spring Blossom

Spring Blossom
A Gorgeous Bunch of 6 yellow Asiatic Lilies & 10 Pink Carnations with Double Paper Packing.
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This mesmerising bunch of yellow coloured stunning lilies lined with the pretty red carnations wrapped in a serene white paper and tier with a cute pink bow, is surely going to win the heart of your mom. Send this to her this Mother’s Day, and express all your inner-most feelings, unconditional love and utter care to her. She being one of the most special persons in your life, deserves something which woos her to the core of her heart. Also, when it comes to expressing your true love, millions of appreciation, deep gratitude with elegance, yellow is the best colour which speaks out all these emotions even without words. The red carnations lining the lilies significantly add to the beauty of this bouquet along with giving some more meaning to the emotions which you want to convey to your mom.
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