About Us

Birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, business launches, baby showers - no matter what celebration it is, it won't be complete without a few flowers in the picture. The beautifully budding petals, the lingering scent reminding you of a wonderful memory and the colors blooming vividly all work together to let that special someone know that you are thinking of them.

At FloraIndia.com, we believe that the best way to express your feelings and celebrate any occasion is by saying it with flowers. We help you reach out across the seas and touch the hearts of those you love and make your presence felt no matter where you are. And we do all this, with beautiful, charming and stunning flower arrangements.

Founded by a few individuals who mulled over the cultural and social nuances of society, FloraIndia.com consists of a team with varied industry experience which helps us ensure maximum efficiency, exquisite aesthetics, competent technology and the best possible prices.

On our site, we offer a variety of services which are backed with the optimum utilization of our resources. Our advanced technology based systems have helped us streamline the sourcing of flowers directly from growers and export markets across India, as well as manage timely and efficient delivery of the selected arrangements. We also maintain a defined vendor management policy along with modern techniques and process orientation to create a nationwide network and offer you our products at the best possible prices without compromising on quality.

Currently, FloraIndia.com delivers the best quality of flowers at attractive prices across India. We want to make a difference to how people express themselves and provide utmost satisfaction. We appreciate any feedback you want to share about our efforts and services, and you can write to us at serve@floraindia.com. We would love to hear from you, and will do everything in our power to make your experience with us as pleasant as possible.

Salient Features

1. Auto Combo:

Most websites try to lure you in with specially priced product combos. Buy two or more products as part of a pre-fixed combo and you can avail some cost benefits. But in these cases, you mostly end up choosing a combo which contains some products you may not like or want. At FloraIndia.com, we offer you the option of Auto Combo. The minute you purchase more than one item (all of your choice), a combo is created in your shopping cart, giving you an instant price benefit. We save on logistics when you buy products together, and that helps us; so we wanted to help you too. With our Auto Combo service, there is always auto saving for you.

2. Ask Florist:

Sometimes the occasions are confusing, and you really can't decide what kind of flower arrangements to send. So the next time you can't make up your mind, all you need to do is 'ask the florist'. Our experienced team of florists will custom make an arrangement based on your directives and within your budget to ensure it is the perfect fit for any occasion.

3. Custom Orders:

You can now let your creativity flow with our custom order service. Just let your florists know exactly what you want, and they will get back to you with the feasibility and price of your personalized arrangement. This custom product will also be saved on our site for you to order time and again.

Benefits For Customers

1. Privacy Policy:

We have a very firm, strict and well drafted privacy policy for the benefit of our customers. No personal data is shared with vendors or any other partner sites, neither do we send any unsolicited mails to our customers (we know how bothersome that can be). You will only receive emails about our services if you have opted for the option, and you can edit the settings at any time by logging onto the site.

2. Order Tracking:

You no longer have to wonder where your order is, whether it has been shipped or not, and where it is in the delivery process. Through our order tracking tool, you can follow the order step by step and know where your package is at all times.

3. My Choice:

If you just like browsing as though you are window shopping, we allow you the option of saving items to your 'My Choice' list. So the next time you have to order in a hurry, you can always click a few buttons and send the items you had already chosen as your favorites.

4. Order Review:

You can always log onto the site to view your past orders. Anytime you want to know details about what you ordered and when, just sign in and all the data will be ready and waiting.