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Top 6 Cake Flavours for Birthday & Anniversary - Floraindia

Since times immemorial, cakes have always been a tradition that is used for a celebration. Cakes are one of the most important assets of any kind of celebration. A cake is a symbol for an occasion be it a birthday, anniversary or any other form of celebration. Today, with just a tab on your phone, you can order for cakes of any flavour you like and get them delivered just where you want it. At Floraindia, you will find a variety of cakes of many flavours, and you can order them anytime you want for an upcoming celebration. So, if any celebration is coming soon and you are still unsure of what to order, browse through our online portal and get a list of the best cakes to order for your loved ones.

Along with the cakes, you will find options for other gifts if you want to be added to the cake. We have a wide array of flowers, chocolates, teddy bears, etc, and you can get them all to customize as a gift hamper altogether. Here’s a list of the cakes you can find in our shop:

Chocolate Cake :

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake is made out of chocolate flavour which includes crème, sweeteners and other stuff. This is another kind of flavour which is very common especially in kid's birthdays etc. In our shop, you will find several chocolate cake flavours such as Delicious Choco Chips Cake Premium Chocolate Nuts Cake Rich Dark Chocolate Cake With Fresh Fruit and many others. Chocolate cakes are simple but elegantly made by some of the bakers who are best collaborated with us. Our bakers are experienced in the field of baking and have been serving many happy customers over the years. The best part about these cakes is that that can be baked in various ways and you can serve them fresh from our deliveries. Have a look at some of the best cakes at Floraindia and you can order just what you want from the list online.

Black Forest Cake :

Black forest Cake

Our deliciously moist Black Forest Cake is a cut above the rest of the other shops. It is whipped with cream, and nice rich chocolate ganache and topped with some flashy berries. The cake is so moist and made of chocolate flavour that it will melt into the mouth of your loved ones. If your loved ones love the chocolate flavour, there's no better than you can offer them than the black forests. The recipe is made of secret ingredients and love from our bakers who take out so much time in baking and crafting the best chocolate for you. The black forest has long gone been a cake for celebrating many occasions, it has always been part of celebratory events like birthdays, anniversary, etc. So, if you are worried thinking if this can be ordered for any upcoming birthday or anniversary, it’s all good. This is a perfect cake to be ordered!

Pineapple Cake :

Pineapple Cake

As a fruit, pineapple is packed with vitamins, fiber, and mineral which is why it is so healthy. Now imagine all that flavour in your cake! The process of baking this flavoured cakes is not easy, but it is not that hard too! All is needs is a good baker who knows how to put in the right ingredients. And, we do have the best bakers to bake some relishing pineapple cakes for any occasion that you want to order. Pineapple cakes are so moist and for those who love this mix tropical flavour, this should be the one to order for any upcoming occasion of your loved ones. Pineapple cakes are well suited to be ordered for any occasion or celebration. If you want to get some of the good ones, order from Floraindia-the best cake shop online in India.

Vanilla Cake :

Vanilla Cake

Vanilla is a splendid cake is splendid and also a common cake which is ordered amongst the older generation. It is one of the oldest and loved the flavour of all time. Just like any other cakes, Vanilla cake also has a high flavour of vanilla along with some other sweeteners. We have a luscious vanilla cake in our shop which comes at an affordable price, and more interesting, you can get it at a less cost at a combo price. So, grab the cake and order it for your loved ones while it still on at a good price. Vanilla cake is highly demanded as it fits in for almost all occasions. Its color and taste have always been elegantly accepted and loved by customers. So order for your vanilla cake from Floraindia and make your loved ones happy and surprised with such a gift.

Butterscotch Cake :

Butterscotch Cake

Do you want to try to order some of the best-flavoured cake of all time for your love ones? Look no further, Floraindia is here to bring to the best butterscotch cake made by the best bakers. With their art and secret ingredients, this cake will blow the minds and taste in the mouth of your loved ones for their upcoming occasion. Butterscotch is made of certain ingredients including brown sugar, butter, cream, flavours, etc. The earliest cake that was known of butterscotch was in the 19th century and since then, it has always been known to be a celebratory cake in many events and occasions. Don’t miss out on order this flavour from our shop while it still on hot demand!

Red Velvet Cake :

Red velvet Cake

The name of the cake itself suggests some sort of passion and love. This is the cake you want to order for some special occasion, especially anniversary, the birthday of your loved ones. The red velvet cake is a cake to be saved and order for your loved ones showing them your love, passion, and feelings for them. The Red Velvet cake has been popular since the 1950s and attributed to its originality in the 1920s. Back in the days, to enhance the color of the cake, it was believed that the beetroot juice was used in the cakes.

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