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Flower Delivery in Chennai

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Send Flowers to Chennai 

The city of Chennai is often referred to as “the soul of south India” – owing to its culture and beauty and its immense contribution to the traditional, historical, and academic growth of the country.
Flowers are very important in our lives, irrespective of technological advancements and changing trends. An e-card or a WhatsApp message can never match the magic that a bunch of flowers can create. These vibrant flowers are not only invaluable in expressing our feelings but also serve as an excellent and meaningful tool to make someone feel special. Flowers are the best gifts that anyone can get because they are priceless and speak volumes. Flowers are the best to convey your deepest emotions in a very subtle way.
Flowers also help to create a relaxed atmosphere through their unmatched aromatherapeutic powers.

Chennai has a dry-summer tropical wet and dry climate.These climatic conditions are unfavorable for flowers, hence the need for extra care to ensure their freshness and longevity. Chennai, a metropolitan city is a challenge to deliver flowers in, owing to the fact that it spreads over a huge mass of land and faces such climatic conditions. The flowers are packed well before the delivery to maintain their freshness. To avoid any hassles during delivery and to make the whole process much more efficient and transparent.

Procuring Fresh Flowers for Delivery in Chennai

While flowers are beautiful to look at, delivering fresh, exotic blooms involves a comprehensive process that requires dedication and attention to detail on our part. We aim to bring you the best and for that, we are ready to go to the corners of the earth. We don’t just deliver mere flowers for you, but we also provide beautiful floral arrangements, and arranging flowers into different shapes such as in a bouquet, basket, bunch or glass vase is an art. You can trust us to meet your demands.

How we do this? These flowers - that is every single one of them, are carefully handpicked from the best florists across the city. We examine these flowers at every stage before they reach you. The best flowers are bought. These are then cut, cleaned, and stored in conditions that ensure perfect quality. Our team provides perfect service since we take care that each and every single flower is in perfect shape and size and is fresh and fragrant. After a thorough examination, we deliver these flowers to you. The quality consideration is very much in place while delivering them to you as well so that you can be absolutely tension-free.

Types of Flowers Available for Online Flower Delivery in Chennai

We believe that nothing other than your own choice should guide your purchase, which is why you can find almost any flower at our online shop. Year-round flower availability, top-notch quality, and just the right pricing – are how we describe our service.
Every flower from anthuriums to gerberas, carnations, roses, and orchids to tulips, lilies, daisies, and endless other varieties of flowers – is available for online delivery in Chennai. These flowers are available in different colors and can be arranged into different shapes as per your preference. Our only aim is to make shopping with us a memorable experience for you and therefore, ours is a holistic and easy delivery system.

Multiple Delivery Options

One of the easiest things that the online delivery system has resulted in, is the comfort and ease of getting what you want and where you want it. And especially, when it comes to the flower industry this benefit is so much more appreciated. No more going out, having to settle for a flower that you didn’t want because of the limited variety with the local florist, and of course, the issue of appropriate pricing. All of these problems have one solution – Floraindia. With us, you can get what you desire and make your loved ones feel special in just a few clicks.
Flora India is all about your choice. Once you have chosen your gift, then you can choose a delivery time that suits you and fits right in your schedule. We will deliver whenever you want, whether you want to send it at midnight, on the same day or at a specific time slot. Your wish is truly our command.

Payment Options for Customers to Order Flowers

All of us require assurance and confidence in the other party, and we completely agree with this. And therefore we let you choose the payment method that is the most convenient for you.
With us, you can send online flowers to Chennai and pay through Net banking, credit cards, Paytm, or any other mobile wallet. Order online and pay in the way that you prefer. Trust us when we say that gifting was never easier. Our range of flowers and combos is also not very expensive. We not only provide convenient payment options but also ensure all our products fit within your budget.


The many people in your life hold immense importance and have their own role to play. These people are special in their own different ways and deserve equal and maybe more love in return than what they shower you with. And we have flowers for all such people – Flowers that would signify their importance in your life. Whether it's your wife or husband, parents, or your friends, you can browse our website according to the relationship and choose from a variety of options to send online flowers to them in Chennai.

Best Occasions

In a lifetime, there come many occasions and events and even people that are worth celebrating and raising a glass to. Probably, these are the moments we live for; and on such days we make unforgettable memories. For any such day, you can rely on us to help you choose and send flowers to Chennai. Whether it’s a birthday, wedding, or you need to make someone feel loved and special, we would have flowers for all of these and more reasons. We take pride in providing a wide range of flowers for you to choose from and have the best time possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: How to send flowers online in Chennai?

You can send flowers online in Chennai by placing an order with us. The navigation through our website is easy and user-friendly. You can choose your favorite flower and the type of floral arrangement that you would like. We deliver in every corner of Chennai.

Q2: Which Flowers are best for Birthday?

Seasonal flowers can be the most suitable choice for birthdays, however, the recipient’s personal choice of flowers is an equally wonderful option. You can look through our vast catalog of products and choose a flower as per your liking. There is no right or wrong when it comes to flowers.

Q3: How much time will take to deliver flowers in Chennai?

Standard delivery orders are delivered between 9 AM and 6 PM unless specified otherwise. In case you have selected any of the fixed time, same day or midnight delivery slots, the order will be delivered accordingly on time.

Q4: Do you have midnight delivery in Chennai?

Yes, we offer midnight delivery in Chennai. You can place an order and select the midnight delivery slot and we would be sure to get your order to you right on time.

Q5: Can you accept the PayPal?

Yes, we accept PayPal and other mobile wallets. We also offer other payment options like net banking and credit and debit card. You can choose to pay via the option that you prefer.