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Send sympathy and bereavement flowers to bring comfort during despairing Times.

Mortality and fatality are closely linked to human beings and they are the facts for every living organism. One who has entered life today will exit it someday. Death is the harsh truth of life. And accepting this truth is what makes funerals hard. During these despairing times, Floraindia’s collection of funeral flowers will help your dear ones to sustain themselves from their distress. In the time of bereavement, getting flowers from you will soothingly give them a change of mood. Sometimes Sending sympathy flowers to someone who has suffered an extreme loss is a kind gesture. Order fresh funeral flower bouquets for the deceased family for whom you want to make your presence felt even from a far-off city. Explore our wide collection of sympathy and condolence flowers - white roses, white lilies, white gerberas, and white daisies in a beautiful hand-tied bouquet.

With a bunch of flowers, they will acknowledge your presence during these difficult times. For all the sympathetic moments on condolences, we have a variety of flowers to involve in the grief moments of the affected family. To show your condolences, you should bring or send white flowers like white roses, white gerberas, white carnations, lilies, etc. Deep inside their hearts, they will appreciate those flowers and their agony will surely reduce to a great extent. Our range of funeral flowers is curated delicately considering the circumstances during these sad times.

Send Fresh Flowers for Funerals And Convey Your Sympathy to The Deceased Family

If someone has lost something very precious from his/her family even a family member, and you want to send your sympathy with emotional grievings, fresh white flowers are needed. Order white roses, lilies, carnations, daisies, and anthuriums, and send your condolences online. The loss of a member of a family, friend, or colleague is a big loss, and you should be available in their hard times. Send your despairing emotions to the deceased family by sending fresh white flowers for funerals as it will make your presence felt among other attendants.

When To Send Sympathy Flowers

Sympathy and grief are not only limited to the demise of the mortals. You can send sympathy flowers to someone who has just lost a job or to one who is not able to clear his or her entrance exam. You can send flowers to someone who is not well and is suffering from a disease. Flowers will definitely make him or her feel better, emotionally and mentally. You can send sympathy flowers to a friend who had a heartbreaking divorce and is in need of emotional support. You can even send flowers to a dear one who has just lost his pet. The demise of a pet is as painful and devastating as the death of any other person. Getting flowers from you will definitely act as support to your loved ones during these sensitive and irredeemable times. Send him/her an exquisite bunch of fresh white flowers which will aptly help you to show that you are with them in their time of need. If your friend or relative has lost their close ones in any unfortunate incident, show your sympathy and get involved in their condolences with a fresh flower funeral wreath. 

In addition to condolence flowers, we have something to represent your sympathy for the grief and losses of your dear ones. You can send beautiful white flowers in a time of grief to show that you are with the deceased’s family. There are some times when a loved one does not cope up with their surroundings and he or she needs to be consoled and encouraged. What you can do in those times is through your presence and through flowers become a support to that person and let him know that you are always with him. When people are going through sorrow, dispossession, and trauma even small things matter to them. The aroma of flowers will definitely help them come out of the passage of grief. Flowers for sure are the best ways to express your sympathy. Flowers suit every circumstance and depict every emotion. A bunch of flowers and an unspoken silence is enough at times of grief. A lot can be expressed through flowers without uttering a word and that's the beauty of flowers.

What Flowers To Send During The Funeral Or Sympathy?

When it comes to expressing your sorrow and grief for your beloved one's demise we at Floraindia are here to help you. Before going on to what colors of flowers to send on funerals or sympathy one must know where to send certain kinds of flowers. Like if you are going to the cremation ground then a white wreath would be suitable to give an ode to the heavenly body. Or if you are unfortunately not able to attend the funeral you can send a white arrangement via Floraindia with a sympathy card at the home of the deceased's place. And now when choosing the kind of flowers then whites are the most common at times of death. Send a pure white funeral flower bouquet to the deceased family who are observing the mourning of their lost one. If someone in your friend’s or colleague’s family has left the world a year or 5 years ago, you can deliver memorial flowers to show your sympathy and grief. A bunch of white roses will also be an ideal way to convey your sympathy and condolence. Order a sympathy bouquet online from FloraIndia and send your condolences. 

Floraindia has a wide variety of funeral flowers which offers you the choice of your preferred arrangements or bouquets to send at times of misery and grief. Our range of white sympathy flowers includes lilies, white fresh roses, a bunch of white carnations, and many more. These arrangements and wreath boxes will certainly convey affection, support, and sincerity during these despair or miserable times. However there are some frequently used sympathy flower arrangements; like chrysanthemums which derive simplicity, while orchids are sophisticated, where white lilies or roses are always opt to give at times of grief. Or while carnations always denote elegance to the arrangements. These flowers are appropriate to express condolences to the lamented soul. Floraindia provides you all. You can select any of these flowers at our site to give your dear ones paying respect to the deceased spirit.

Does Funeral Or Sympathy Flowers Have To Be White?

Certainly white color represents humility and peace. White color is associated with reverence and goodness. That is why people believe in giving white arrangements at times of demise. But for sympathy or grief surely flowers do not always have to be white. The color of flowers at these times is surely up to you and your ideology to give a certain color or type of flower arrangement. Some believe in giving colorful flower bouquets to light up their dear one’s mood with those flowers whereas some believe in giving white to become a symbol of empathy and generosity.


Q1. How do you send sympathy flowers?

A1. Fresh white flowers are used for condolences and sympathy. You can send a beautiful funeral flower bouquet to the deceased family to show that your sympathies are with them.

Q2. What is the appropriate flower for sympathy?

A2. White roses, white lilies, and white carnations. They are very helpful in conveying your condolences and sympathy to someone who has lost their closed ones. These are the best blooms to deliver your (shradhanjali flowers) to the lost one.

Q3. How do you send flowers to someone grieving?

A3. In every sad moment like mourning and the death of someone, you should visit FloraIndia and explore sympathy and condolence flowers online. You will get the right choice to show your sympathy for them.

Q4. Why do people send sympathy flowers?

A4. God has given humans various emotions and intimacy for others. Sympathy is one of them which helps them connect. To show that we are with you in hard times like death and the loss of something big, people send sympathy flowers bouquets, boxes, or basket arrangements.