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Send Diwali Gifts Online To Your Family And Friends

Diwali is the festival of lights to commemorate the coming of Lord Rama back to Ayodhya. Diwali is commemorated to eliminate the darkness and negativities from the life of people by replacing it with positive energy and prosperity. Diwali lets you express heartfelt love, brotherhood, affection, and gratitude to loved ones. Greet someone by exchanging beautiful and spectacular gifts with each other in your colony, friends, and family. We at FloraIndia, provide a perfect opportunity to send Diwali gifts online to any location in India. It brightens up their life with positive energy and prosperity.

Explore our wide range of gift hampers online from an attractive and user-friendly Diwali gift catalog. Send warm wishes with personalized cards attached to every box or gift pack. To help you solve this problem FloraIndia with the help of the vast experience of over 20 of delivering trust, has come up with spectacular gifting ideas that can solve all your needs in one go. You should choose a wide range of products to satisfy the urge of your loved ones ranging from attractive gift hampers to sweets, chocolates to dry fruits, flowers, and much more.

Diwali Gifts Gifts By Relations Price
Hampers Diwali Gifts to Parents Staring Rs 699/-
Sweets Diwali Gifts to Employees Staring Rs 499/-
Chocolates Diwali Gifts to Boss Staring Rs 490/-
Dry Fruits Diwali Gifts to Clients Staring Rs 599/-
Fresh Fruits Diwali Gifts to Family Staring Rs 1200/-
Flowers  Diwali Gifts to Wife Staring Rs 599/-
Cakes Diwali Gifts to Friends Staring Rs 599/-

Online Delivery Of Diwali Gift Basket To India

For online delivery of a Diwali Gift basket to India, Choose your preferred option like visiting a gift shop or exploring online websites. FloraIndia has most of the products used to greet someone with the blessings of Diwali. The majority of Indians celebrate this festival by greeting and sending gifts to each other across the globe. The festival of lights is celebrated as the victory of good over evil and everybody hopes to have a prosperous year ahead. Diwali brings new hope, and prosperity, and a perfect occasion to celebrate togetherness and happiness. Diwali also gives us a perfect opportunity to express gratitude, sympathy, care, and brotherhood in a calm and friendly way. Thus, the majority send Diwali gift packs to neighbors and other people who are in need. It helps you deliver your warmth of love to near and dear ones.

Diwali sets a perfect mood to tighten belts for the upcoming year because it usually falls in October and November just before the celebration of Christmas and New Year. The festival is known for spectacular lighting, decoration, and glamour of love and affection with decorative and attractive gifts. All the preparation and planning made to send gifts to the family and friends on Diwali are done well in advance. We, at FloraIndia help millions to celebrate Diwali with the charm of happiness and delightness of diyas and earthen lamps. Deliver Your Diwali Greetings With Attractive Gift Hampers Gifting someone eye-catching gifts is a part of Diwali celebration which enhances the richness of auspiciousness.

One can explore ways to celebrate Diwali naturally and hygienically for a happy and jubilant celebration. You should send your near and dear ones a gift of beautiful flowers, dry fruits, gift hampers, fresh fruits, and more. This makes them feel special and a feeling that someone is there to care and love them. It provides deep respect and inner satisfaction, especially if you order from someone who is poor and seeking your help. It’s the day to prove humanity to others apart from sending gift hampers to loved ones. Diwali Gifts helps build new relationships and strengthen the existing ones. It is also a nice way of expressing gratitude towards your friends and dearest people in your circle or life who have bestowed faith in you.

Send Diwali Gifts To India

Diwali is the most joyous and pious occasion celebrated in India. For many, it’s the day of exchanging gifts, for others, it’s the day to express humanity and care to others, especially those who are in need. You should send Diwali gift presents to near and dear ones to rejuvenate relationships with family and friends. In return, you will get a strong bond with them.

Choose Midnight And the Same Day Delivery

Attractive gifts and hampers are the part of Diwali celebration. The majority want to deliver their products on the same day as Diwali. You too can choose this option at FloraIndia to impress your relatives and friends. We provide attractive and delighting gift hampers in stipulated and timely delivery options. Midnight delivery option to surprise them spectacularly. Pray for the success of your loved ones in your family and friends with attractive gift hampers.

Send Diwali Gifts Online From Anywhere To India

When you are staying away from your family thousands of miles away you realize the importance of the family, even more during the festivals. All the happiness and joys that you are enjoying in your life today are because of the joint efforts of your family. Diwali celebrations are nothing without the active participation of every member. Sending them a gift pack of fresh flowers, fruits, cake, teddies, dry fruits, and chocolates is not a complex task these days. Order your product from any country like the USA, Australia, Singapore, Hongkong, MENA countries, etc to India. Distance doesn’t matter these days of advanced technology where the internet is there to serve you better. Choose FloraIndia for placing your order to make them impress with love.

Useful Diwali Gift Options For Diwali 2023

Diwali is a very special festival for everybody and is celebrated by lighting up our whole house to welcome the Goddess Laxmi. People give their offerings to Lord Ganesha and Laxmi for wealth and prosperity on this day. These celebrations are nothing without gifts and surprising gifts. Choosing a perfect gift sometimes becomes a mammoth task. There are so many things to choose from on this occasion that one may get confused. The most useful, popular, and traditional gifts are as under:

Diwali Sweets

As per Ramayana, the people of Ayodhya decorated their houses with diyas and distributed sweets to celebrate this happy occasion. This tradition has since been followed. These Indian Sweets are called “Mithai” and are considered auspicious on this occasion as these are also presented as offerings to Gods. It is given as a 'prasad' at almost every temple. Sweets are the best gesture with which you can greet your family and friends on Diwali. As the adage goes the Sweets become sweeter if shared with loved ones. Order a sweet box full of traditional motichoor laddu, rasgulla, kesar barfi, and so on for your family and friends.

Diwali Hampers

When you want to send something to your relatives or a close friend, make them for a minute with attractively packed gift hampers. Browse the website of FloraIndia and order Diwali Gift Hampers that come in handy in this case. They include an assortment of Sweets Dry Fruits, Chocolates, and other gourmet items.

The festive season is in full swing around Diwali, when everyone is busy buying new stuff, and unique gifts to be added to these hampers Just check out our vast range of Diwali gift Hampers when you are stepping out for shopping.

Gift Dry Fruits

What can be a better gift to increase immunity than Dry Fruits which are packed with proteins, vitamins, minerals, and dietary fibers? These all things are very good for your health. Wishing our loved ones with Dry fruits this Diwali will convey the message of how much you care for their health and well-being. Our Dry Fruit Boxes include Almonds, Cashews, Raisins, and Pistachio and are done in gorgeous packaging making it a perfect Diwali Gift.

Gift Fresh Fruits

When darkness conquers light and good wins over evil then somewhere in between these important battles, fruits emerge the ultimate winner. In many parts of India, during Diwali fresh fruits are also offered along with the Mithai in Diwali Pooja. These are then later distributed among the devotees as Prasad Fresh Fruits baskets are the perfect way to celebrate Diwali. We at FloraIndia offer you a wide variety of juicy, treasures that can pamper and delight your loved ones. Our Fresh fruit baskets contain oranges, bananas, apples, mangoes, pomegranates, and other exotic fruits available during the season. It may vary from one season to another.

Gift Flowers

Flowers are an integral part of Hindu worshipping and are very auspicious. The Pooja is incomplete without flowers. But besides these ornamental flowers Fresh flower arrangements have a very soothing effect on the person with their fragrance and vibrant colors. Flowers are of the best creatures of God? These Flowers add to the celebrations and make the receiver happier. We have a great collection of fresh flower arrangements to suit every occasion including Diwali.


Even though cakes were introduced in a very late stage in Indian Culture they have made their place well in the society and are one of the favorite delicacies now. Our wide range of cakes is suited for all the cake lovers. They are not just for Birthdays and Anniversaries but also for festive moments to celebrate moments of life. The cake is a noble gift that adds love and extra joy to a memorable Diwali celebration.

Send Diwali Gift Hampers

Diwali is the festival of lights, and happiness, and is one of the most auspicious occasions. We all wait for this festival, as the celebration brings many surprises for all of us. We send Diwali gifts to our loved ones on this special day, to make it memorable. Every online Diwali gift, that we send, conveys the innermost emotions to our loved ones. To make it easier we have online portals, which can be used to send Diwali gifts in India. In addition, with Diwali gift delivery in India via online platforms buying and ordering suitable Diwali gifts becomes effortless as we have made lots of options.

Order Diwali Gifts To Start Celebration

Eco-friendly and natural way is becoming a new way of Diwali celebration. Cleanliness is very important in Diwali and is believed to be Godliness and this is the festival that emphasizes cleanliness. The preparation for this grand festival starts much ahead with people cleaning their houses and offices and even getting them whitewashed. After that, everyone decorates their houses and offices with lights and flowers. People also make Rangoli in front of the house for a soothing welcoming feel.

Kick off your Diwali celebration by ordering gift hampers for your dearest one, colleague, boss, friend, and relatives. It may be in the form of a basket, vase arrangement, box of attractive flower bouquets, etc.

Make Diwali A Splendid Occasion By Ordering Diwali Gifts By Relations

There are many people with whom you can send your Diwali gifts online. Prominent are:

Corporate Diwali Gifts 2023

Corporate Gifting is one of the major areas that generate a good amount of demand for gifts. It is prudent to let your associates thank you for what they have done for the company. Corporate Diwali Gifts helps build new relationships and strengthen the existing ones. It is also a nice way of expressing gratitude towards your clients who have bestowed faith in you. These Corporate Diwali Gifts are given to the suppliers who have kept our factories and plants running effectively.

Diwali Gifts For Employees 2023

Diwali Gifts for the Employees is a subtle way to let employees and staff know that the company cares for them. The most important asset of any company is the staff and manpower. Even though they are paid effectively in salary and wages, Diwali Gift is what they look up to every year. It could be in the form of useful household items or something they can use in their daily routines.

Diwali Gifts For Friends 2023

Diwali Gifts for friends are necessary to show you to be a part of their festivities. Celebrations with Friends make every event splendid. Enjoying partying, singing, and eating together with attractive Diwali gift packs. Diwali becomes cheerful, happy, and colourful when you have friends to share all these things with. And with your gifts, you pray for your success, joy, health, and wealth for the Friends.

Diwali Gifts For Family

When you are staying away from your family thousands of miles away you realize the importance of the family even more in the festivities. All the happiness and joys that you are enjoying in your life today are because of the joint efforts of your family. Diwali celebrations are nothing without the participation of the family. The whole family sits together and performs Pooja and enjoys the sweets and food together.

Diwali Gift Hampers

Diwali, as we have always known, is the festival of lights. It brightens our day and fills us with aspirations for a prosperous year ahead. Sending Diwali gifts online signifies a token of love and strong bonding shared between people. So what if you are miles apart or even near, the digital world has eased out our struggles of wandering in crowded lanes and hogging over the same old cliché Diwali gifts. FloraIndia brings to you the facility of online Diwali gifts. You can choose from a wide range of gift hampers that’ll be undoubtedly loved by your dearest ones.

Hampers Items Best Suited for
Diwali Gift Hampers Laxmi and Ganesh Idols, Diyas, Diwali Cards Client
Diwali Dry Fruits Hampers Almond, Cashew, Pistachio, Walnuts and Raisins Boss
Diwali Fresh Fruits Hampers Apples, Grapes, Kiwi, Oranges, Bananas and Pineapple Parents
Diwali Sweets Hampers Kaju Katli, Plain Burfee, Sohan Papri, Laddoo and Rasgulla Family
Diwali Chocolates Hampers Ferrero Rocher, Five Star, Kit Kat, and Cadbury Celebrations Kids
Diwali Flowers Hampers Roses, Carnations, Orchids, Lilies and Daisies Girl Friend
Diwali Cake Hampers Black Forest Cake, Pineapple Cake, Chocolate Cake and Butterscotch Cake Friends

For over 20 years, we have been keeping to your promise for perfect bonding and strength in your relations. You can Send Diwali Gifts to India from anywhere around the world and we’ll give you the ease of timely delivery. The Festival of Lights is all about bonding and strengthening relationships with the deliciousness of brotherhood, care, love, affection, etc. Varieties of things are available for them to have a splendid celebration like finger-licking sweets boxes, dry fruit baskets, flower decorations, special Diwali gift hampers, and more.

FloraIndia has all the Diwali gift hampers available on the website. There is nothing that could substitute the personal touch in gifts but we understand the hectic schedules and busy lives. Hence, we try to provide 100% delivery on time from reliable vendors and service partners. Also, if you’re just like us and remember things at the last moment, Don’t worry! FloraIndia is the pioneer in same-day delivery of gifts. The digital world has surely shortened the miles and brought people closer. Even if you are miles away in distance and cultures, you just do not give up on your roots.

Choose From Assorted Gift Products From FloraIndia

Occasions like Diwali offer us an opportunity to celebrate the beautiful culture and love that describes the diversity of the country. Visible gifts might be just a materialistic gesture but it is filled with the emotions of the one to whom we are sending for. We know nothing can substitute your presence on this auspicious occasion, yet sending online Diwali gifts to your loved ones will surely bring smiles to their faces. What can be more precious than a smile on the face of your loved ones? We always try to bring priceless smiles to the faces of your loved ones with our Diwali special hampers inclusive of Diwali Sweets and dry fruits.

You might have started with the planning of what to and what not to gift. So extending a helping hand in your Diwali preparations, FloraIndia has curated a wide range of gift hampers that can be customized according to your desires. Now send Diwali gifts to India to complete this festival of lights and brighten the day of your significant others.

Get Doorstep Delivery Of Online Diwali Gifts

With FloraIndia, you get same-day delivery of Diwali gifts and delicious Diwali sweets at your doorstep. This Diwali, boycott crackers and celebrate the sweetness of Diwali with gifts and sweets. FloraIndia has its firm belief in noiseless Diwali and bonding over Diwali Sweets. Hence, we extend you a variety of reasons to not buy crackers but instead buy presents for people dear to you. Near or far, we deliver wherever you are or wherever you want us to. Timely delivery is what our belief lies in, Same day delivery of gifts is our vision, and bringing smiles to your face is our motto. So this Diwali, we have got you covered. Stay pepped us to hog over a special Diwali hamper and enjoy the best deals only at FloraIndia.

FAQs Diwali Gifts Online

Q1. What Can I buy on Diwali for my Family?

A1.One of the trendy and commonly used Diwali gifts for family members is the boxes of chocolates and sweets. These gift hampers symbolize the sweetness of relationships to make the occasion jubilant and enjoyable.

Q2. How to make Diwali a special occasion?

A2. There are various Diwali ideas you can search on the web or create new ones with your DIY creativity. Make your Diwali a splendid occasion by ordering Diwali gift hampers full of dry fruits, sweets, chocolates, and teddies in a beautiful cane basket. Also, you can cook a special dish to give a perfect treat with your hands.

Q3. What can I gift my laws on this Diwali?

A3. Diwali signifies good lighting, food, and more. You can give a perfect treat to your in-laws this Diwali with healthy nutrient-filled dry fruit boxes. Make them surprised with attractive gift hampers and fruit baskets.

Q.4 What will be the best gifts to distribute to neighbors?

A4. There are various gift items available on the web. Surf FloraIndia and choose a perfect Diwali gift hamper full of sweets, snacks, dry fruits, and some chocolates. You can share with your neighbors and dearest ones.