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Chocolate Cake Online Delivery

Chocolate, by hearing the name itself uplifts and cheers up the mood of people and is loved by almost every person. Chocolate is an emotion rather than a confection that's addictive in nature and one bite of it leaves everyone craving for more. Chocolate can be called an all-rounder having its manifold use in making a large number of desserts. Like the chocolate that melts in the mouth spreading its rich sweet and coco flavour, the same way it melts and smears the coat of sweet love over the bonds as well. And for the extensive love for chocolate, Floraindia not only has chocolate but chocolate cakes in its kitchen.

Why Choose Floraindia For Chocolate Cake

Floraindia has with them one of the excellent bakers to make diverse types of chocolate cake each tastes one of its kind. The cakes are really beautiful in their appearance and taste scrumptious. Order from Floraindia the rich chocolate cakes to make your events and occasions with your loved ones so much special as the arrival of a chocolate cake would fill the environment with exuberance.

Eggless Chocolate Cake

India consists of quite a few percent of people who are vegetarian and prefers to not take eggs. Egg is indeed one of the fundamental components in the making of the cake but a delicious cake can also be made without the help of eggs as well. And to not let those mass deprived from the heavenly taste of chocolate cake, Floraindia has the bakers who have expertise in baking eggless chocolate cake with proficiency and also to make it taste as good as ever.

Type Of Chocolate Cake:

Chocolate Banana Cake-

If you love bananas and want to go with a little healthy yet delicious treat then you can go with chocolate banana cake. Because the sweetness of banana reduces the percentage of added sugar in the preparation of the cake.

Chocolate Fudge Cake-

If you are a chocoholic you would surely want to have it on your special occasion. This cake is made with melted chocolate, butter and powdered sugar to make it dense and rich.

Chocolate Lava Cake-

Molten chocolate cake is a perfect combination of having the moist soft spongy cake along with having the pleasure of having melted chocolate.

White Chocolate Cake-

This cake is essentially for the white chocolate lovers. White chocolate is made up of white sugar, white chocolate, butter, vanilla extract. The frosting of this cake is also done by rich white chocolate.

Heart Shaped Chocolate Cake-

Red heart shaped chocolate cakes are perfect for anniversaries and to surprise your love. A heart shaped cake would surely speak a lot about the blossom of love you have in your heart for them.

Chocolate Vanilla Cake-

Chocolate vanilla cake is really soft in its texture. These cakes are fluffy buttery and moist with rich chocolate and vanilla flavour.

Chocolate hazelnut cake-

These cakes are made up of essentially hazelnut, nutella, cream cheese, unsalted butter. These cakes are for the one loving the nutty flavour in the cake.

Chocolate ice cream cake-

A chocolate ice cream cake sounds very fancy as well as tastes very fancy. Chocolate ice cream cake is made up of putting ice cream in between the layers of the sponge cake.

Chocolate marble cake-

As the name suggests, marble cake is made to give the cake streak marble texture. It is done with the help of very lightly blending light and dark batter.

Chocolate walnut cake-

For a distinctive nutty flavour you can go with chocolate walnut cake. Chocolate and walnuts go with each other really well making the cake so delicious to finish up in no time.

Red velvet chocolate cake-

Red velvet cakes are very luxurious looking crimson coloured cake. It is usually made by combining buttermilk, butter, cocoa, vinegar, and flour. These ingredients react with each other chemically to give this red colour.

Cadbury chocolate cake-

This cake is made up of the chocolate the taste of which we are well aware of. Our favourite Cadbury chocolate is used to make the rich chocolate cake and also use it as shredded chocolate for garnishing.

Chocolate almond cake-

Nuts and chocolate are always a good combination, and having almonds make it so much better. One bite of the chocolate almond cake and the flavours of sweet chocolaty moist spongy cake and of almonds fills the taste buds with an amazing taste.

Chocolate caramel cake-

Chocolate and caramel together is very well preferred by a large number of people. These soft cakes are layered with smooth salted caramel.

Chocolate orange cake-

Here is another very different type of cake. Having chocolate and orange together! Well it is really good for the people who love Orange flavour. The cake batter is made up of orange juice and orange zest. And the cake is also garnished with orange peels.

Barbie chocolate cake-

Barbie chocolate cakes are perfect for your daughter's birthday. Barbie being the favourite doll of all the kids especially girls, it will make them delighted to see Barbie chocolate cake.

Double chocolate cake-

Want to treat yourself with lots and lots of chocolate? Then double chocolate cake is for you. It is a very rich chocolate cake that's topped with a fudge chocolate frosting.

Double layer chocolate cake-

These are traditional and very basic double layered chocolate cake with chocolate frosting stuffed between the layers. Simple yet tasty.

FAQ on Chocolate Cake:

Q: Does Floraindia deliver chocolate cake in every part of India?

Answer: Yes we deliver chocolate cakes across India. Through our online service you will get your favourite chocolate cake very easily delivered at your doorstep.

Q: Is the midnight service available in every city?

Answer: Yes, we are available day and night; at wee hours we deliver so that you get to celebrate your events anywhere anytime.

Q: Can I get chocolate cake delivered the same day I order?

Answer: Yes we take same day delivery as well as fixed time delivery. Now you don't have to wait long for your cake to arrive to you to have a mouthful of chocolaty pleasure.

Q: Is COD available on chocolate cake delivery?

Answer: No, COD is not available on chocolate cake delivery. We only accept payments through cards and our transactions are completely secure.

Q: Can I have a cake with dark chocolate?

Answer: Yes you can tell us the way you want your cake. We will customize it accordingly.