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Send Cakes to India

Birthdays or Anniversaries are incomplete without freshly baked cakes. Do you wish to send cakes online? Floraindia steps to your rescue with the same-day and midnight cake delivery in India. FloraIndia has been at your service for the last 14 years, cake delivery in India is our prime focus along with flowers or other gifts you would prefer. We admire the bonds created over desserts, we make our cakes as fancy or subtle as you would want your relationship to be. The sweetness of your loved ones will be evident when you taste our fresh out-of-oven cakes. Do you get the job of picking up the cake from the bakery and taking it home safely? Strike it off your to-do list now. Floraindia has successfully established itself to send cakes to India from around the globe. Floraindia works towards making ends meet and providing facilities that convince you to use our online cake delivery facility. Stay hooked on the article to know more about our hotly anticipated services that will leave you spellbound.

Order Cakes Online to make Every Occasion Memorable

Be it Birthdays, Anniversaries, Raksha Bandhan or any occasion, you can go online and order a cake as per the requirement. Every occasion is worth the celebration. There is certainly no reason not to celebrate an occasion, be it whatsoever. Littest and even the biggest moment in our life come with a lesson, hence, there is no bigger reason than this to celebrate. So what do you wait for? Get cake delivery at your doorstep and celebrate life as it comes. You can send delicious cakes to your siblings with rakhi online with Floraindia.

The freshly baked cakes can surely add life to a party and what’s a party if we do not add sweetness to it? Blowing candles and making a wish is a tradition to follow for every occasion. Hence, can we miss out on cakes and let go of our precious wishes? Send cakes to India, mix sweets into a potion of joy and spread it all over the party. Coz, that’s how you celebrate, with full joy and life.

Birthday Cake

Birthdays are incomplete without cakes. The cake is something we would be craving for at every birthday party. And now it’s a huge task to find a perfect, mouth-watering cake for your birthday. But don’t worry! We have a solution. We at Floraindia are here to provide you with plenty of delicious cake flavours that will make your guests go crazy! From chocolate cake to mango cake we have got it all. Select a cake of your choice and order online only at our site. But make sure to order an extra cake for yourself too because surely your guests are going to eat all the yummy cake!

Anniversary Cake

Okay! Did we hear it correctly? It’s your favorite couple’s anniversary and they are throwing a huge party at their place! Omg! What is more exciting than this? You are giving a gift. Right? But what about doing something more special? What about giving them a surprise with a super delicious anniversary cake? We are sure they would love it! And if you are a "Couple of the day" then woohoo! You can order a cake for your significant other and make your and their evening super special. And to make this happen we at Floraindia are here for you! Order us at our site online and we promise you to provide a toothsome cake!

Congratulations Cake

Every occasion is perfect for cakes. Be it a birthday celebration or throwing a congratulations party. Yes! You heard it right. Cakes are perfectly suitable for congratulations parties too. You got a new job or a promotion at a job and you are throwing a party for your friends and family and cakes are missing. Come on; how is it even possible? A celebration isn’t even a celebration without a cake. Complete your celebrations with a tempting cake. Floraindia provides it too.

Valentine’s Day Cake

It’s Valentine's Day! What about the idea of giving a cake to your Valentine? Your Valentine will surely love it. Here's a tip: celebrate your ‘V day’ with your lover at your favorite restaurant and add a cake to your celebration. Order a yummy, delicious cake only at Floraindia to make your day perfect. What is better we can imagine on this day A perfect ideal date it would be!

Mother’s Day Cake

Mothers are the loveliest creatures on this earth. Mother’s love for her children is infinitely cherishable and truly cannot be paid back. But to give her love back, the least we can do is to celebrate all the moments with her and give an ode to her on Mother’s Day. Collect all the precious memories with her on her day and keep it safe in your little tiny pocket and make her day pleasing and sweet. And to make her day even sweeter, we at Floraindia are here for you to provide the best quality cake with super quick delivery.

Christmas Cake

It’s Christmas approaching and it must be the case that you are searching for the best Christmas cake. Of course, you need the best quality cake on Christmas evening, and that too on time. Well, to make you happy-go-lucky Floraindia is all here. We provide you with the best standard cake which is worth your money with on-time delivery. Our cakes are suitable for every gathering, be it a Christmas evening with friends or be it a formal gathering with family and relatives. We tend to provide the best service and we take a bit of pride in that.

New Year Cake

Now it is a pretty difficult task for you to find the best cake to deliver at midnight. We have a solution for this too. Tadaa! Floraindia provides midnight delivery too. Choose the yummiest of the yummiest cakes and we promise to provide it at midnight. Voila! your New Year's Eve would be perfect to make an impression in front of your friends by getting your cake on time.

Wedding Cake

Weddings are the most auspicious day of anyone’s life. From friends and family to the food and the venue of the wedding; everything and everyone plays an important role at the wedding. Similarly, cakes also add a very crucial and paramount character to the wedding. Without a huge, delicious, and tasty wedding cake the occasion is partially incomplete, is what we say. Wedding cakes add a sparkle of brightness and joy to the occasion when a couple of the day cuts the cake together. More than the cake itself we crave the moments to gather. The perfect wedding cake is what at last is called when amidst all the chaos and crowd our eyes are on the cake and see all the guests assemble to catch a glimpse of the couple cutting the pie together.

Hassle-free Delivery Of Cakes

Sending Cakes to your dear ones is always a delight with Floraindia.com. Our Cakes never fail to impress. Our delicious collection of different flavors makes it perfect for any celebration. The cake is a perfect guilt-free indulgence for any age of 10 to 100! We have lots of unique designs, with real wholesome ingredients, and each one painstakingly crafted by our master chefs. To send cake to India, place your order online today for a friendly and personal service. If you can dream of a cake we can deliver it to pamper your loved ones. Our chefs are very highly motivated to innovate and like many bakers and confectioners to give a long-lasting experience.

Cake is indeed a life of any celebration. and this deliciousness needs to be spread. One soul inevitable part when it comes to celebrating an occasion. Hence, it is one thing you must not forget. How to get a cake in such a busy schedule, you ask? Fret not, order the cake online and you are good to go.

We understand that looking out for a bakery can be a task in itself, so to eliminate your struggles, get cake delivery at your doorstep within a few clicks and a few easy steps. We comprehend that there’s nothing much you can do when you are stuck at your workstation and probably cannot head out. To ease such troubles, you can now have online cake delivery in India and get relieved of one task.

Occasions are the best time to celebrate and be full of joy. Hence, stop being a party pooper and get a freshly baked cake delivered to add deliciousness to the celebrations. So the cake happens to be an inevitable part of our celebrations, we just cannot miss it. Can we? So you must get online cake delivery without struggling through the streets to find a bakery.

Be it any occasion, whatsoever, cakes are an essence of sweetness that fills the celebration and hence is significantly crucial. Midst all tight schedules, there isn’t much time to wander in search of a bakery; all we need is to get a delicious cake delivered to our doorstep with a few clicks rather than a few steps.

Cake Flavour Occasion
Black Forest Cake Birthdays
Chocolate Cake Anniversary
Pineapple Cake Congratulations
Red Velvet Cake Valentine's Day
Strawberry Cakes Mother's Day

Even if you are far away, just send cake online and be a part of your loved ones’ celebrations. Spreading happiness needs no reason; all you have to do is to let people know that you care. The deliciousness of freshly baked cakes can fill any occasion with immense joy. Every person, kid or adult loves to have cakes. Ensuring the availability of cake is your duty. Worry not, with online cake delivery; you are all set to rock the party.

Same Day and Midnight Delivery of Cakes

Now send cakes to India without much hassles and second thoughts. We assure you of the same day and midnight delivery. We understand how you bond over surprises and how loving and adorable they are, hence, we never fail to fulfil our promise of timely delivery. You are just as human as us if you forget birthdays and get last-minute reminders. Worry not! Just visit our website and try out our online cake delivery facility to ease your pain and make you a hero of any occasion.

If you forget or plan a surprise, same-day and midnight delivery facility is your best companion. Hectic schedules, deadlines to meet, meetings to attend, and whatnot, this entire can keep you busy. We aren’t judgemental. We understand busy lives and adulthood; hence, ordering a cake is your only solution when it comes to celebrating an occasion. And, if you are planning a surprise, fret not! With midnight delivery, you can surely plan a 12:00 am visit or cover up your last-minute reminders with a same-day delivery facility. Either way, we understand how adorable surprises and celebrations are, so there can be no excuse to avoid one. Now send cake to India and get happiness delivered.

Fixed Time Delivery of Cakes

One of the things that we surely understand and respect. Late deliveries often tend to spoil our plans and party mood. Don’t worry, we assure delivery of cake at the exact time you mention and we are hardly late.

Timely deliveries are of utmost importance and we certainly respect that. Also, your occasion is our reason to celebrate as well; a fixed-time delivery facility is what we keep at prior. So, now what’s the worry? Just grab your phone or laptop and send cake to India from wherever to wherever in India and witness the timely delivery of happiness.

Cakes are deliciously important for any celebrations and do we need a reason to celebrate? Absolutely not! A variety of freshly baked cakes at your doorstep and in the comfort of your home seems like a reason to celebrate in itself.

Now procrastinate no more, just order cake online and make an occasion worth the celebration. While you celebrate, we are filled with joy too. With spreading joys, let’s binge eat the cake that I got from online cake delivery.

Personalized And Customization Of Cakes

A personal touch in every gift adds a next-level charm to it. A gift with customization is forever appealing, enchanting, and precious to everybody’s heart. So, before fetching up a cake for your dear ones, always keep in mind to add something to it which can forever be reminisced. To assist you with the same we at Floraindia are here at this moment. We ensure you provide 100% hand delivery to send cakes to India. We deliver your affection in the form of our cakes or flowers. We never undermine it like any other order, every order is an occasion to celebrate. Do not worry and put all your stress down, just lay back and relax! Because Floraindia is all set to deliver the best cakes at any cost. We not only provide the best quality cakes but also make sure that our prices are always pocket-friendly. Your occasion is our reason to celebrate as well, hence, we add as much affection as we can into our cakes and hand-deliver them with love at your doorstep. Now we guess that we have made up your mind to choose us! So say no to delaying tactics and hesitation because Floraindia is doing its best to make you and the recipient smile brightly.

Cake & Flower Delivery in India

Cake if Send Along with Flowers enhances the experience and adds to the celebrations. We at Floraindia offer the best online flower and cake delivery services in India. Our extensive range of cakes along with the flower Bouquet at affordable prices ensure the flawless fastest delivery. You can order these cakes with flowers for delivery throughout India. Freshly Baked Cakes and Fresh flowers are delivered to your doorstep at your desired time slots that you can rely on. Our eggless cakes are for vegetarians to satisfy their demands. The Prices of the Cake and Flowers are also very reasonable to fit every budget.

Item Price
Bouquet of Roses and Black Forest Cake Rs 855
Basket of Flowers and Chocolate Cake Rs 1498
Glass Vase of Flowers and Pineapple Cake Rs 1470

Different Varieties of Cakes - Buy Now

Who doesn’t love to have a variety to choose from? And especially in cakes. With a wide range of cakes to choose from, you will not help but drool over them. From simple pineapple cake to intense chocolaty premium cakes, you will be left with your mouth watering. Pineapple, Heart-shaped strawberry, intensely chocolaty, gems cake, luscious butterscotch, and many more to choose from. You’re sure to get into a dilemma of what to order.

So choose your favourite and get your cake delivered online to your doorstep without any hassle. Varieties are always loved by people and that too when you have to order cake online in the comfort of your home. The more, the merrier is a quote indeed for people trying to select cakes, coz, you just can’t have one. Take your time to select the best for you and get online cake delivery in India within a few clicks. Isn’t it cool?

Online is the new trend. We certainly cannot do anything without an online delivery system, can we? From groceries to clothes, we now buy everything online. So why not buy cake online? Indeed the best solution to all our wandering in search of bakery problems. Trust us, it is not always easy to find a bakery, and certainly not easy to get fresh cakes. So, in all, you end up cake-less.

To get over all your troubles, online delivery of cakes ensures you freshly baked delicious cakes at your doorstep. The online industry has surely been a blessing for people like us. Who is busy in our hectic schedules and also too lazy to wander out? With a variety of cakes and flowers, you can just order online from the comfort of your home or cubicle and get online cake delivery in India.

Different Sizes of Cakes to Choose

So, if you are a petty eater or one who just cannot control cake cravings. Cakes in all sizes are at your service. Be it a small gathering or a lavish one, from 0.5kg to 1.5kg, you can get it all. So, just like me, you too believe that dessert goes to the heart and not to the stomach, these variants in sizes are just for you. So what do you wait, order cake online and get your hands on the large cake and I am sure you can eat it all.

I am sure you are drooling over the thought of ordering cakes and how much you wish to have it all. The variant in sizes is indeed a saviour as we cannot see it getting wasted, no? Fret not, now you get an advantage to get online cake delivery in whichever size you want. We know, it’s great.

Serving for the last 14 years

Pioneer in bringing you the best of gifts and cakes, Floraindia has been standing strong at your service for the last 14 years. We have been running successfully for more than a decade and are at your doorstep with cakes or flowers whenever and wherever you need them. Online Cake delivery? Or do you need to send birthday cakes to India? Or maybe just a random cake delivery to India? Floraindia is at your service with enthusiasm and love growing leaps and bounds with each passing decade, year, month, or even minute.