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Pineapple pastries originated in Taiwan during the Japanese era. Pineapple became their source of income and by the late 1930s, Taiwan had become the third-largest exporter of pineapples in the world. The sweet pineapple cake is made by the use of floor, butter, sugar and pineapple slices. The frosting of the cake is done by whipped cream or cream cheese and garnished on top with slices of pineapple, cherries and whipped cream. Floraindia incorporated this traditional Taiwanese dessert in its menu for the customers to get a variety of choices to choose from. Pineapples as a fruit is loved by many people and pineapple cake is the nub for fruit cake lovers.

Why Choose Floraindia For Pineapple Cake Delivery?

We care for the emotions of fruit admirers and we have fresh fruits in our pantry so that there won't be any sort of compromise in the making of our rich Pineapple cake. Our soft, moist and flavoursome Pineapple cake once reaches your taste buds will melt in your mouth and spread distinctive flavours that certainly will melt your heart into a puddle.

Buy Pineapple Cake For Every Occasion

As fruits are used in very versatile ways to make a number of products and are good for health as well, fruit cakes are also widely used for several events and occasions. Usually, people go with chocolate cakes for their functions but Pineapple cakes are another very exquisite option to go with. It looks bright and yellow being the happy colour instantly lightens up the environment. A pineapple cake can be a very nice option for an anniversary celebration to add some bubbly touch to your sweet love-filled day. Every year the same chocolate cake for birthdays? Now make a change with the finger-licking flavoursome Pineapple birthday cake and add some freshness to the birthday celebration. Want to surprise your mother on Mother's Day or arrange a cake for a wedding and reception, with the touch of Floraindia now your every occasion will be full of cheers and happiness.

Midnight Pineapple Cake Delivery

Are you searching for the best baker in town for the Pineapple cake midnight delivery? Now put an end to your venture as Floraindia bakes the finest Pineapple cake and also delivers midnight in any part of the country. Now plan surprises for your loved one's special events without any worry.

Same Day Pineapple Cake Delivery

Cakes are enticing and Pineapple cakes are certainly one of the very tasty cakes. We do not make our customers who want to just grab a bite of it. Floraindia has the same-day order and delivery option open and you will get your order delivered within hours.

FAQ question on Pineapple cake:-

Q: Will the fruits be fresh as mentioned?

Answer: Yes we use fresh fruits and you will have a very sweet pineapple slice. We are precise in choosing our ingredients and keep the best for our cake.

Q: Is Pineapple cake better than chocolate cake?

Answer: There is no comparison between both of them. Both of them are equally good on their own. But you can surely give pineapple cake a try for something new if you want a change from chocolate cake.

Q: Will the cream taste good of the Pineapple cake?

Answer: Yes definitely it will taste amazing. The cream will be super fresh and feather-like will dissolve in your mouth and give you a very nice feeling.

Q: Will the eggless Pineapple cake taste any less?

Answer: Not at all. Be assured that the taste will remain intact. With egg or eggless, all taste the same, very rich and delicious.

Q: Are there any shipping charges for cake delivery?

Answer: No, there are no shipping or extra charges for cake delivery. It is absolutely free delivery in every part of India. We try to save as much money as we can for our customers.