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Designer Cake Online

It has been in our tradition forever to mandatorily have the touch of sweetness, may it be in any form, but a must-have for every celebration to sum up all on a very good note. Cakes being one of the famous sweet delicacies are also widely popular for their usage as being the center of events. Cutting a cake making good wishes and feeding our people became a way of expressing gratitude towards our loved ones for arranging the lovely evening to make the one for whom the occasion is feel special. And when the cake is designed, that will be the talk of the event. Tie up the special evening with Floraindia's exclusive designer cakes.

Why Choose Floraindia For Designer Cake

Making a designer cake is a skillful task and not anyone can do it who doesn't have the patience and dedication towards their work. The bakers we have, have the utmost dedication and skillful hands to make the designer cakes picture-perfect. Floraindia had now taken many designer cake orders and succeeded in making their customers happy with the result. We have black forest, pineapple, chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, etc. flavours available that keep the door open to have diverse options.

Designer Cake For Wedding

Weddings are that one special day where a person wishes to have everything prim and proper and do everything he can to make it a really memorable one. But having a designer cake that will go perfectly with the theme of the wedding is much of a task. Now ease up your worries and no need to rush into the market from your hectic schedule to find a good baker. With just some simple clicks your dream cake will arrive at your place easily without making any effort, also not to mention the taste that would feel heavenly in your taste buds.

Designer Cake For Reception

The successful journey of sealing your love into an eternal bond calls for a grand celebration. And reception is that day of celebration when two of you become one and walk together to start a family. Floraindia makes luscious designer cakes for receptions to make you cheer about the new beginning and so that you get the fullest of the moments together.

Designer Cake For Birthday

We have a wide range of designer cakes for birthday parties. We know how much kids love cartoon characters so we have our famous Mickey Mouse cake, Spiderman theme cake, a big smiley cake, and much more. The sight of it will just make your young ones filled with great enthusiasm and they will be charged with energy. Floraindia makes the cakes customizable and takes the best care of customer's needs.

Designer Cake For Anniversary

Be it the first year anniversary celebration or the 25th year, each year is filled with new memories, and new experiences together with all the factors and variables, remaining the only constant is the love both of you have. And to celebrate that extraordinary love there should be an extraordinary designer cake. Floraindia understands the emotions behind each event and thus accordingly makes the best cake to savor your moments.

FAQ's on Designer Cake
Q1: Is Floraindia's online designer cake delivery reliable?

Answer: Yes absolutely, we are well known for our designer cakes and made numerous customers happy with our service. We are completely reliable and the cake you will get will be soft, fresh, and tender and designed according to the way you like.

Q2: Is same-day delivery available for designer cakes?

Answer: Yes, same-day orders and same-day delivery are available in Floraindia for designer cakes. We deliver everywhere across the country.

Q3: Can I get midnight delivery for designer cakes?

Answer: Yes our delivery service runs in the wee hours as well and we deliver at midnight for our customers to be at ease at their homes and celebrate with their loved ones.

Q4: Is there an express service available for designer cakes?

Answer: We have express service available only in selective cities, i.e., Delhi NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai.

Q5: Can I customize the designer cakes my way?

Answer: Yes you can definitely customize the cake and make it in the way just as you need. You can make your request to us by going to 'custom order'. We would like to happily serve you.