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Valentine Day Cake

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Valentine Cakes – Sweeten Your Love With A Valentine Cake

The affair started in ancient Rome when the basic of honey, egg, butter, and egg was known as nothing but a baked sweet dish. Since that time, this baked bread has transformed so much that it has become an expected part of every major celebration. The creamy layers around the fluffy, soft, baked bread just melt in the mouth, which leaves you wanting more.

It would be doubtful to know that such a lovely delicacy is left out of Valentine's celebrations. Strawberry, Black Forest, Pineapple, or Chocolate; the ideal icing on the cake would surely charm your special someone like never before.

Valentine Cake As A Splendid Valentine’s Gift For Someone Special

Did you know that cake is one of the most widely sought Valentine's cakes online? There is no doubt that you would prefer to pick an online gifting store because they are easily accessible and comfortable. Another reason is that with online shopping for cakes, you can reach your special someone residing anywhere in the world.

And guess what? The delivery facility is free as well. Thus, we recommend you share the taste of love this upcoming Valentine's Day through an online bakery. Following are some gift options and types available with us:

Send Valentine's Day Gifts Online With Floraindia
Valentine's Day Gifts for Boyfriend Customized Cakes, Flowers & Teddies 0 to 500 INR
Valentine's Day Gifts for Girlfriend Cakes, Flowers, Bouquets, Teddies and many more 500 to 1000 INR
Valentine's Day Gifts for Husband Bouquets, Arrangements, Chocolates 1000 to 2000 INR
Valentine's Day Gifts for Wife Bouquets, Arrangements, Chocolates 2000 to 3000 INR
Valentine's Day Gifts for Him Heart shape and special design of cakes and flowers 3000 to 4000 INR
Valentine's Day Gifts for Her Heart shape and special design of cakes and flowers 4000 to 10000 INR
Cakes to Share During Valentine’s Day

The following cakes are some of the different cakes that you can buy and share with your loved ones or loved ones. Want to know it now? Keep on reading!

Rosy Cake

Red roses are the most common symbol to express your feeling of love to your special someone. Rosy cake can be your choice to surprise your loved one. This is very delicious and is being baked once you order it. This rosy cake has a regular price amount of ₹1,450.00 and a combo price amount of ₹1,375.00

Rich Heart Cake

You can now express your strongest feeling of love for your partner with this delicious and sweet type of cake. This rich heart cake is in the shape of a heart that your partner will surely love. This has a regular price amount of ₹1,550.00 and ₹1,475.00 as its combo price amount. Try it now and feel loved by its taste!

Send Valentine's Cakes To Your Special Someone

There is a wide array display of regular Valentine's cakes on online bakeries. You will find fudge chocolate truffle, black forest, and chocolate mousse as some of the most desired cakes for V-day. Generally, it is the flavor of chocolate that is the most attractive. Otherwise, such cakes include more or less similar ingredients.

Mainly, they are baked with eggs. Meanwhile, sponge cakes are soaked in Kirsch, sprinkled with some sweet dark chocolate, and covered in a smooth chocolate glaze and light Valentine's chocolate. You see, these cakes are ornamented by a few beautiful Belgian chocolate curls, iced with moist chocolate truffle, layered along with chocolate pudding. What’s more, expect that they are laid delicately overall by the gold coin chocolates and more methods to that will surely make your mouth water and the day further special.

Eggless Valentine's Day cake tastes equally delicious as well. That includes the fact that they are baked in a baking salt and don’t include any eggs. In case you didn’t know yet, an eggless chocolate walnut cake is only as delicious as any other type of Valentine's cake. This sponge cake has the goodness of walnuts and chocolate, decorated with crunchy walnuts to offer it a very tempting look.

Now, here is something that comes to your mind immediately once you think of your loved one and Valentine’s Day at the same time. THE HEART! You would definitely love it if that heart-warming Valentine cake delivered to your special someone was the shape of a heart, wouldn’t you?

You can buy Valentine's cakes online and order that special heart shaped cake. What’s more, a heart-shaped chocolate Valentine cake with flowers and cards is a romantic combination to spend a serene and romantic evening with your loved one. It would offer a specific expression that you were seeking.

A Wide Array Of Valentine's Cakes Available For You

The collection of cakes accessible at the online stores is certain to win your heart. Buying Valentine cakes online is perfect for people like you who keep busy throughout the day. And as you know, no occasion is complete without a cake. Thus, it becomes really necessary to get one for this yearly celebration. The cake delivery service proves effective and handy in such situations.

These days, more and more individuals prefer online confectioners as they provide a wide array of flavors and designs. Plus, the delivery options are very attractive. Hence, this coming Valentine’s Day if you plan to gift your girlfriend a cake, avail the cake service offered by online cake shops.

Sending your loved one a valentine's cake will surely make this day a memorable one.