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Flower Delivery in Chandigarh

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Online Flower Delivery in Chandigarh

We at Floraindia have been helping people to connect to their loved ones since 2004. Chandigarh was one of the first few cities in India where full-fledged flower shops were opened. It all started in the City Beautiful by Mrs. Brinder Khullar in the early 1990s. The flowers were all procured from Delhi only since the market was not fully developed. She had a nursery where she grew flowers for the shop. Afterward, many shops mushroomed in Chandigarh. But for a very long time, she had the best flower shop in the city named Green House Floral Studios in Sector 9. Initially, it was not only a big challenge to procure the flowers, flower baskets, and floral accessories like floral foam ribbon and cellophane everything was procured from Delhi. But after the formation of the flower market things got a little easier for the florist and hence lots of flower shops started opening up.

Flower Delivery To Chandigarh

Floraindia has a collection of all types of flowers throughout the year namely roses, carnations, orchids, gerbera, Asiatic lilies, oriental lilies, daisies, and many other flowers. Chandigarh is humid and subtropical extra care needs to be taken for the flowers in summer the weather can be very harsh as the temperatures can go up to 45 degrees Celsius. rose festival in Zakir Hussain RoseGarden in Sector 16 is held in Chandigarh every year in February which is also the month for Rose Day. Here thousands of subspecies of roses are displayed. The garden where the festival is held hosts about 50,000 plants of 1,600 species of rose. In the year 2018, the Rose Festival also had for the first time a stall to promote transgender awareness.

Source of Flowers to Chandigarh

These flowers are procured from the Delhi flower market and some flowers are procured directly from Himachal Pradesh and surrounding areas from the growers. These flowers are first cleaned properly, cut, and put into the water immediately after receiving from the Gower. They are kept in a cool place to make sure that they are fresh when it is received by the receiver.

These Fresh flowers are then arranged in the following arrangements

  1. Flower Bunch

  2. Flower Basket

  3. Flower Bouquet

  4. Flower Vase

  5. Hand Tied Flowers

Art of Arrangement of Flowers in Chandigarh

Arranging them is also an art. If very good and fresh flowers are not handled and arranged properly the whole arrangement will look very shabby. So, the expert florist usually makes all these arrangements. These are then displayed in the showroom or at the shop for the customers to come and pick for quick buy. But in recent years, people have preferred to buy flowers online not only in Chandigarh but also in various parts of India.

Payment options for Sending Flowers to Chandigarh

Sending flowers to Chandigarh is not only convenient and easy but also very time-saving for the senders. Nowadays there are lots of payment options available to the customer:

  • Credit Card

  • Net Banking

  • PayTm

  • Wallets

Delivery Time Options

Moreover, mobile technology allows customers to order from anywhere and at any time even at the last minute. Since Floraindia provides not only a same-day delivery option for customers to send flowers to Chandigarh but also other options like:

  • Standard delivery (No Extra Charges)

  • Fixed Time Delivery (With Additional Charges of Rs 200)

  • Midnight Delivery (With Additional Charges of Rs 250)

Price Range to send flowers online in Chandigarh

To send flowers online in Chandigarh, Floraindia is also not very expensive. Our range starts from Rs 390 onwards moreover it is only Floraindia that gives complete freedom to the customer to cake their combos and get further discounts. So, the price of the same bouquet, originally Rs 390, can be reduced to Rs 315 when the customer adds one more item, and the combo price applies to both items. The prices for flower bouquet delivery are one of the least expensive and include all the delivery charges and taxes. So the prices that you see are the prices that you pay unlike a few of our competitors who add the delivery charges on the shopping cart page.

Mode of Delivery

Flower delivery in Chandigarh is always very easy and convenient with Floraindia. Your orders are not only freshly made but also delivered directly to the doorstep using our delivery van. There is an option to send a personalized message along with your bouquet which is handwritten or typed by the florist to make the day extra special and memorable for the receiver.

Types of Combos for with Flowers to Chandigarh

When sending flowers to Chandigarh is not enough we have a wide range of other gifts that complement the flowers and make the occasion more memorable. The available options are

  • Flowers and Cakes

  • Flowers and Chocolates

  • Flowers and Sweets (Mithai)

  • Flowers and Teddy (Soft Toys)

  • Flowers and Dry Fruits

FAQs about Flower Delivery in Chandigarh

Q1. What should I send flower Bunch or a Basket?

The best part of sending the flower basket is that you need not arrange it again since it already has water and oases in it and the green fillers also enhance the beauty of the flowers. But with a bouquet or a bunch of flowers, you have the freedom of arranging them as you like in your vase or container.

Q2. How do you make sure that the flowers stay fresh for a long time?

You need to water the flowers every day if possible cut the stems a little bit (2- 3 cm) also keep the flowers in a cool place and not directly under the fan preferably in a Conditioned room.

Q3. How long before you can order?

Same-day delivery in Chandigarh is available if you order before 3 pm

Q4.How will my message be sent with the flowers?

Your message will be either handwritten or printed on a card and will be sent along with the flowers

Q5. Will you call the receiver before the delivery?

No, to keep the element of surprise we do not call the only time we call is if the address is incomplete, The address is not located, The receiver is not at home, The address is wrong, or There is no one on the premises to receive the flowers

Q6. What will happen if nobody is home/office to receive the flowers?

If nobody is home, the flowers will be handed over to the neighbors after contacting the recipient.

Q7. What if I have any complaints?

Our customer care team is always there to sort out any kind of complaint you have regarding the order. You can reach us through: 

Chat, Email, Whatsapp: 9871888344, Telephone: 9350551301, 9350299802, 8588808695

Q8. What will happen if the colors that I have ordered for the flowers are not available at the time of delivery in Chandigarh?

They will be substituted, so we recommend that you read our substitution policy for details.

Q9. Can you deliver flowers to the nearby areas of Chandigarh?

Yes, we can deliver to the nearby areas also please check with our customer care team. The team will be more than happy to check the delivery area along with the extra charges if applicable.

Q10. What time will the order be delivered?

Standard delivery orders are usually delivered between 9 am and 6 pm unless specified otherwise. Fixed-time orders are delivered in the slot you choose Midnight Orders are delivered usually between 11.45 pm to 12.15 am

Q11. Can you deliver in the other cities of TriCity?

Yes, we can deliver flowers in Mohali and Panchkula too.

Q12. What are the various payment options available?

To send flowers to Chandigarh, Floraindia offers various payment options Like Credit Cards, Debit Cards, net banking, PayTm, and various Wallets. COD is not available for Chandigarh.

Q13. Why should you choose Floraindia to Order Online Flowers to Chandigarh?

Floraindia has been helping people to connect with their loved ones since 2004. Floraindia gives orders filled with value and doesn't compromise on quality. Each order is handled with care and packed well before delivery to ensure the flowers aren't damaged in transit. We have a wide range of flower arrangements to suit every occasion. We have been delivering not only fresh flowers but also freshly baked cakes, sweets, soft toys, dry fruits, and chocolates. Floraindia provides same-day delivery and various payment options and our customer care team is there for you in case you need any help.

Customers' Reviews

Please read the comments that our customers have given after sending flowers to Chandigarh to their loved ones.

Rating & Reviews
4.9 out of 5 based on 11 ratings
Deepti Dhingra
Excellent Flowers received by my Parents on their anniversary.
Sunil Sood
Thank you Floraindia for making my First Anniversary special with wonderful Red Roses.
Capt Dildeep Singh
Keep up the good work!
Dr Simran Gill
Thank you for the wonderful bouquet it was delivered exactly at midnight. Thank you once again.
Jasleen Kaur
Excellent customer service support by Pooja and all the help provided at the last minute.
Shobha Sud
Very good experience Order was fresh and on time.

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