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Online Cake Delivery in Chandigarh

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Online Cake Delivery in Chandigarh

Floraindia is one of the pioneers not only in delivering flowers but also Cakes in Chandigarh. It all started with send flowers as always and then customers started demanding to send Cakes also along with the flowers. Initially there were no bakeries who would deliver the Cakes to Chandigarh. They all were more than happy to sell off the shelves since nobody had the logistics to deliver the Cakes. But the expertise to deliver the orders was with the florist so it made the logical sense for the florist to deliver the flowers and cake together on the demand of the customers. In the beginning we faced lots of problem because if the icing of the cake touched the box the whole cake looked like damaged and there were no delivery services like Zomato Swiggy foodpanda to handle the cake deliveries.Slowly and gradually the delivery boys learned how to handle the cakes and rest all is the history. Nowadays sometimes the cakes orders are more than the flowers and all of them are delivered by the florists only.

The Cakes are usually procured from Good bakeries near to the delivery address especially in summers. The Cakes should taste as good as they look. Some of the top Bakeries from where the cakes are procured for delivery of cakes in Chandigarh are

Top Occasion for Sending Cakes to Chandigarh

Even though no birthdays are complete without the cake cutting ceremony but sometimes celebrating other occasions with the cakes make them more memorable. Sending a cake to your loved ones on the birthdays and anniversaries make it extra special.

Art of Making the Cakes

There is nothing quite like sharing mouth-watering cake with family or friends provided they are made nicely and delivered without damaging the icing and toppings. While visual appeal is crucial, esteemed cake masters agree that the taste and flavors of a cake are just as (if not more) important. The cakes have to be visually stunning in designs but have to be delicious to make the perfect dessert for celebrations. The decorative effects fillings and icings that are delicious as well as treat for the eyes like chocolate ganache and royal buttercream. A good baker can transform a spongy dessert from ordinary to memorable Cake. There are lots of Cake Making Classes where one can learn to make Cakes Chandigarh Institute of Culinary Arts and Neena Cooking & Baking Classes are few of them.

Top Flavours to send Cakes in Chandigarh

No doubt chocolate is one of the best flavours for Cakes. Each one to his or her taste some of the top selling flavours in old days were just Pineapple Black Forest and Chocolate ,but Flavours can be as adventurous and innovative as the cake’s design.

Premium Cakes to Chandigarh

Floraindia gives you the option of ordering cakes from the premium bakery and also from five star Hotels. You have to order these cakes one day in advance and you also have the option of choosing your own bakery.

Price Range for Sending Online Cakes to Chandigarh

Sending Online Cakes to Chandigarh is not very expensive. You can order cakes starting from Rs 549/ Onwards if you are ordering it with flowers the price is reduced further to Rs 515/  which includes delivery charges and all the taxes.The prices you see are the prices you pay unlike few of the other websites where the delivery charges are levied upon at the end of the checkout page.