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Celebrate This Valentine's Day With Your Loved Ones in a Special Way

Love is a beautiful feeling, and it can't be described in words. Valentine's Day is the right occasion to celebrate and express warmth love, and attachment with your partner.  It’s time to celebrate evergreen love for your girlfriend, fiance, or wife. On this Valentine’s Day 2024, deliver your passion, affection, care, tenderness, good wishes, and an association of years-long attachment with your lover. Explore spectacular Valentine's gift ideas to surprise your girlfriend, boyfriend, or wife by saying a heart-touching line- “I Love You”, “You are mine and only mine” “You are my Heartbeat” etc, or whatever is overwhelming in your mind and heart. There's no restriction on expressing your love this day; knowing there is someone for you who supports you, has been your strength, and loves you deeply is a celebration. Yet the onset of February brings the vibes of romance with this Valentine's week which starts on February 7 and ends on 14.

Valentine's Day has been celebrated globally as a day of romance, care, and intimate love since the 14th century. Over the ages, it has become an important day for the suitors to express their feelings to their prospective lovers finally. Now, it is considered one of the best days to propose or even get married. And not only do they say but giving gifts has also been part of the tradition.

Send Some Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts Online from FloraIndia

Not a particular gift is fixed to express the joy of love and attachment of Valentine's Day. It should be thoughtful and should ignite the same love and affection that you feel. We, at FloraIndia, help our customers to celebrate every occasion with love, care, pride, joy, laughter, and togetherness, with genuine and fresh gift items.  Using our website, one can place eye-catching and beautiful gift items for their loved ones on this V-Day. Order your first order with discounts/offers and get the best gifting experience from a wide range of assorted gift products which are carefully arranged, handled, and delivered to our customers. Not only you, but we too celebrate this season of love by assisting our customers in expressing their feelings.  

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Your Beloved

For Valentine’s Day Gifts, people have already started their shopping and arranging gift products for their close ones who reside in their hearts. 

Flowers-Flowers are the unique Valentine’s gifts that are always in demand with natural beauty and soothing smell which are enough to describe love and affection without even uttering the words. Red rose flowers are especially associated with romantic love, and we have freshly trimmed vibrant red roses in an extensive number of floral arrangements.

Pick the one and say whatever is in your heart with these lovely and sweet-smelling flowers.

Chocolates- Chocolates are another highly purchased gifting item on Valentine's Day and other occasions too. Delicious chocolate boxes, baskets, and hampers are the choice of millions to deliver their feelings of attachment to express their love uniquely.

Teddy bear- A flower bouquet with a cute little teddy bear to say 'I love you' to your girlfriend would surely make her feel euphoric and loved. Teddies are not only kids' favourites but grown-ups like these fluffy toys in equal amounts.

Flower & Cake Combos- Celebrate the day of love with your partner and share the joy of perfect attachment and years-long cordial relationship with happy moments. Explore FloraIndia to get the best deals on flower & cake combos of a variety of flowers and cakes.

Valentine's Day Gift According to Relation

Gift for husband- It is such a blessing to have the most caring and supportive husband who understands you and loves you so much. Express your love and gratitude towards your better- half and make him feel special with dynamically presented Valentine's Day Gifts with same-day delivery. Explore FloraIndia to arrange meaningful gifts for your hubby and make this day a splendid one. You can also go for midnight surprises with FloraIndia’s Valentine's Day gift delivery options.

Gift for wife- A sweet and lovely wife who always takes care of all your needs, waits for you in the evening, loves you so much, and makes your house a heaven. On this day of love, tell her how much you are blessed to have a beautiful wife like her with FloraIndia's range of gifts of love.

Gift for boyfriend - Explore FloraIndia to buy Valentine's Day gifts online for the person who made your life blissful and filled with happy moments. Valentine's Day is the best time to tell him your feelings and desires all truthfully what you feel for him how each day you cherish his presence and how your love grows every coming day by the grace of his growing love.

Gift for girlfriend - Tell her how this Valentine's Day is important for your relationship, how your heart skipped a beat the first time you saw her, and how she planted the seeds of love within you from that day. Check out Valentine's Day gift ideas for your girlfriend on FloraIndia and bring her a meaningful gift to tell her how lucky you are for her. 

Valentine's Week and its significance- 7th February - 14th February

The celebration of love doesn't take place in one day. It takes years of dedication, care, sympathy, attachment, etc. if you want to express your feelings in words and gifts, the week of love and care starts on the 7th of February and closes on the 14th of the month. Each day is dedicated to celebrating various aspects of love.

Rose Day - (7th February, 2024)

Valentine's week starts with Rose Day. Rose is the flower of love, and it is given to a person to explain ultimate love and affection. Different colours of roses represent different emotions. Red roses signify passionate love; pink roses show care and yellow roses are for friendship. You can surf FloraIndia for fresh roses to celebrate this Rose Day. Gift a bouquet of fresh red roses to your girlfriend or wife for a splendid Valentine's celebration.

Propose Day - (8th February 2024)

Propose Day holds a special place in Valentine's week as it provides an opportunity to win someone’s heart with your affectionate emotions and loving words like “I Like You.” “You Are My Love.” The day provides a perfect chance to say something whatever is suppressed in one’s heart for his/her lover.  

Chocolate Day - (9th of February, 2024)

Chocolate is loved by the majority because the delicious and creamy delight attracts everyone with its unique taste. Chocolate helps to enhance the feeling of your love and care. So, the third day of Valentine’s week is chocolate day perfect enough to give a chocolaty treat to your loved ones. It helps to show your lover how caring you are for her/him.  Send mouth-watering Chocolate delights of unflinching love by exploring FloraIndia’s Valentine’s Day gifts catalogue.

Chocolates can also be given to others like fathers, mothers, sisters, fiancé, uncles, bosses, and colleagues on their special days. 

Teddy Day - (10th February 2024)

Exchanging gifts doesn’t matter age and gender, and thus Teddies are girls' favourites from their childhood days. You can order this beautiful Valentine's Day gift for your girlfriend or wife to show that your immortal love is blooming in your heart. Teddies look very adorable with their fluffy and soft fabric, wool, and other fillings. Get the best teddies online to gift your lover from FloraIndia.

Promise Day - (11th February, 2024)

This is another important day of Valentine's week: “Promise Day.” Promises occupy a very important place in any relationship. It gives the assurance to the person that they will always be there with you. It helps to strengthen the bond which is very required to have a healthy relationship.

Hug Day - (12th February, 2024)

The pleasant feeling and touch of loving attachment can be only felt with a tight hug. It cannot be described in words. It relaxes the mind and spreads love and calmness to the soul. This Valentine's 2024, surprise your partner with splendid Hug Day gift items from FloraIndia as it makes a perfect moment to celebrate this day with a tight hug and care.

Kiss Day - (13th February, 2024)

A kiss is one of the closest and most intimate feelings to describe your deep-hearted affection and attachment to your girlfriend or wife. Kiss is the pure way to say your inner warmth of love and is widely exchanged between love-birds and couples which helps to create a perfect moment to remember again and again, a passionate and intimate love bond with your partner. In return for this kiss from your lover, gift her something special like a bunch of red roses, Teddies, and chocolates on this kiss day.

Valentine's Day - (14th February, 2024)

On 14th of February, comes the day of love, affection and beauty to celebrate your loving relationship with your girlfriend and boyfriend- “Valentine's Day.”

Celebrate this beautiful day in your own style but don’t forget to bring a beautiful present for your girlfriend or wife whom you love most. You have various other options to celebrate this day like” Scheduling a candlelight dinner, watching movies together, or planning a romantic venue.

Send Valentine's Day Gifts Online

Love birds these days are exploring spectacular Valentine’s gift ideas for their girlfriend, wife, or fiancé. Online and digitalization in the e-commerce sector have changed the way of sending warm wishes and greetings on this occasion. If you are one of them, explore FloraIndia’s wide range of V-Day gifting products as we provide premium quality gifts with standard, fixed, and midnight delivery options. Send valentines day gifts to India from any corner of the world be it USA, HongKong, MENA countries etc.

You can choose from a variety of products like flower bouquets, chocolate boxes, teddies, and much more. Make your receiver amazed with midnight or fixed delivery options for a “WOW” like experience.

FAQs on Valentine’s Day Gifts

Q1) Which is the most purchased gift from FloraIndia for Valentine's Day?

A1). A bouquet of red roses is our most popular Valentine's Day Gift item. We provide premium quality roses that are loved by all and preferred by our customers across the country.

Q2) Does FloraIndia provide a midnight delivery option for Online Valentine's Day gifts to India?

A2) Yes, we give midnight delivery for every occasion and Valentine's Day gifts as well. We will arrive at your doorsteps sharp at 00:00.

Q3) What should I give to my boyfriend?

A3) You can go with red roses, a basket full of chocolates, his favorite cake, and more to gift your boyfriend on this special day of love.

Q4) Is there a COD for sending Valentine's Day gifts?

A4) Sorry, we don’t provide COD for any items. You have to make the payment by card and be assured your security is our priority so that your transaction is completely safe with FloraIndia.

Q5) Can I place an order from abroad to send a Valentine's gift to my wife in India?

A5) Yes, you can place your order from anywhere using the FloraIndia website. Enter the 24*7 website URL into a supportive web browser and send a box full of love to your wife or girlfriend to make her feel your presence this Valentine's 2024.