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Best Flowers to Gift your Mom This Mother's Day

Mother's day is the most memorable day for all the mothers across the world. On this day, people show their love and appreciation towards their mothers figures and mothers worldwide. Make this mother's day special for your childhood role model, your mother. You can gift her flowers, cards, cakes, and much more. Also, you can organize a family gathering or brunch or party at a restaurant, home or cafe. Celebrate the contributions that a mother makes in their kid's life. One of the best way to honor your mom this Mother's Day is to gift her a bunch of her favorite flowers that are hand-picked and farm-fresh.

With FloraIndia, gifting and sending exotic or tropical flowers has become easy and affordable. Our team of expert florists can help you get nature's finest flowers which will be color-coordinated and artfully-arranged to meet your special needs. In addition, we offer a great range of spectacular Mother's Day Special bouquets that are hand-crafted and freshly picked.

We understand that choosing the right species of flower can be a daunting job when there are literally hundreds of options available. That's why we have gathered a list of the top ten best flowers to gift your mom this Mother's Day.

Top Ten Best Flowers To Gift Your Mom This Mother's Day

1) Blue Orchid

Blue orchids are rare and they can brighten the dullest room with its charm. Its vivid color and vibrant look can amaze and delight your mom.

a) Gorgeous Orchids

b) Exotic Spectrum

2) Gerbera

Gerberas are gorgeous flowers and they are available in vivid and vibrant colors. These flowers can last upto 14 days in a water vase.

a) Motherly Embrace

b) Mother's Day Blooms

c) Magnificent Mom's Bouquet

3) Pink Rose

Stunning scented pink roses are everyone's first choice. They make a great gift and they convey thoughtfulness, sentiments, and daughterly love.

a) Mom's Heart

b) My Love

4) Red Anthurium

These are bright and captivating heart-shaped flower which is intense red in color. It is a tropical flower that blooms all year long.

a) Fascinating Red

b) Bewitching Beauty

5) Yellow or Red Carnations

Carnations have a beautiful fragrance that can give a blissful feeling to everyone. They are divine flowers that are mostly florist's first choice.

a) Joyous Moments

b) Abundance of Love

6) White or Yellow Asiatic Lilies

White and yellow Asiatic lilies are some of the most breathtaking flowers worldwide. They are loved across the globe. With a beautiful tone, they also have a nice fragrance.

a) Beauty in Sight

b) Pastel Splendor

7) Birds of Paradise

This flower resembles birds-of-paradise and they have a unique look. It is an exotic flower.

a) Paradise

b) Bright Paradise

8) Daisy

Daisies represent innocence and purity. They are charming and radiant. It is capable of leaving you spell-bound with its exquisite beauty.

a) Exotic Daisy Arrangement

b) Gentle Radiance

9) Tulips

Tulips are boldly colored flowers that have an oval shape. Most women love tulips because of its graceful look.

a) Just For You

10) Purple Sonia Orchid

This vibrant purple flower has calming effects on all our senses. They are tropical flowers that are a women's classic choice.

a) Breeze of motherly love

b) Surreal Beauty

After years of surveys and purchase data, we have gathered the list of best flowers to gift your mom that is the popular choice amongst customers across the globe. Make your mom feel special and appreciated with our unique and striking flower bouquets and flower arrangements.

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