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Top 10 Reasons to Send Flowers to India

There are numerous reasons to send flowers to India to your loved ones and share your feelings with them. A gorgeous bouquet of flowers is also one of the most used and cost-effective way to bring happiness into our lives no matter what the occasion is. Out of the past data of more than few hundred thousand orders we are sharing the top most common reasons for which the people are sending flowers to India. And if you’re still trying to find out for excuses to use our services for sending flowers here are they,

  • Express Your Unconditional Love

Express Your Unconditional Love

As the saying goes “Nothing says better than Flowers“. By sending flowers we can express our feelings and show how much we love them. Whether it's your wife,your husband, your parent or a friend; flowers will definitely work to express your love towards them. Do you have a crush on someone and wants to impress her and you need some ice breaker to kill the silence off. Send them a bouquet and a simple note conveying your message about and ask her out for a coffee. She will won't deny. Flowers are not just for lovers or spouses; they are made for each and every person who wants to express their feelings to their loved ones. Flowers are the perfect way of saying that you love them and make them believe that they are important in your life.

Celebrating Birthdays and Anniversaries
Is your cousin or may be your friend's birthday coming up? Or, maybe someone in your family is going to get engaged soon or your parent’s anniversary is on next week, or some festival is also coming up soon. Flowers are the perfect gift to uplift any occasion. It is very difficult to imagine these occasion without flowers. Most importantly it makes your presence felt if you are too far to be present in person

  • Congratulating

Did they accomplish something big at work? Did your partner or your sibling just give an amazing presentation and get a promotion, or close a big deal? If so,then congratulating them with flowers makes that accomplishment more memorable so go ahead and make them happier by gifting those flowers.

  • Thanking from Heart

Thanking from Heart
Is your friend just went above and beyond for you or you just simply want to thank them for so many years of love and support, thank them. By giving a bouquet of flowers! And if you’re looking for a way to get back in touch with a long lost friend, there’s nothing better than a giving them flowers.

  • Make Someone Happy

Make Someone Happy

Is your partner is sad or your friend is feeling lonely or, maybe your dad is distressed because of the workload at his office? Don't worry. Send them flowers right away to bring a beautiful smile in their face because nothing can beat a great smile. Flowers can adore everyone and they can make someone smile in no time. The blossoms and the sweet fragrance that flowers behold can change anyone’s mood and make them feel good and happy.

  • Apologising


We all do mistakes in life and admitting to your mistakes gives you relief that has no substitute. If you had a fight with someone you love and finding it difficult to apologize send them flowers. Apologizing with words is not always enough, send the colorful and beautiful flowers to them and change their mood. Sending flowers can act as a gesture to apologize and open up a few lines and communicate.

  • Welcoming a New Born

Welcoming a New Born

What is a better way to say welcome to the new addition to the family if not flowers? Though the celebrations and customs around arrival of the baby are different in various cultures and religion but welcoming them with flowers is always a good idea. They bring so much of cheerfulness. But since few flowers like lilies bring with them the potential risk of infection they should be avoided in the hospitals. But other flowers like Roses, Carnations and Orchids are very safe to send for the Newborn and would be a delight for the family and friends.

  • Emotional Support

Emotional Support

Sometimes words can’t say everything and this is when flowers can bring warmth and bring comfort in someone’s lives. Sending flowers to someone who requires some sort of emotional support can boost that person and bring some happiness to their dull life and can make their life positive by adding flowers to it.


To express your condolences is case of a death to the family member or a friend, it is appropriate to show your sympathy with flowers. You always get some bad times in your life when you don’t know what to say, then flowers are the best option. When your loved ones go through accidents, or your relative faces death or something even more worse happens that makes you feel bad. Your silence will definitely work with the pleasant bunch of flowers to express your feelings and emotions and conduct some sympathy.

  • Happy No Reason at All

Happy No Reason at All

Sometimes flowers just don't need any reason or occasion. You can gift flowers to your loved ones without any reason. What you only have to do is to just pick a loved one in your contact list on your phone; it can be your partner, your colleague, your sister, brother or anyone you adore and send them a bunch of beautiful flowers. Imagine how happy they will feel about your kindness and love which you have shown them by giving them bunch of flowers.

Flowers can always be soothing and uplifting the mood and always sentimental and emotional response. Flowers are appropriate for most of the occasion starting from the new born till last breath of a person and do not require you to be looking for a reason.

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