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What Makes the Thread of Rakhi so Powerful !!

The relationship between brother and sister is the most powerful relationship. They are not only siblings but a best friend, buddy, soulmate, and always heart to heart. When you think of Rakhi the first thing that comes to your mind is the childhood memories with all the fights and arguments you had in those days when you were kids. It is a relationship where you know that your sibling will always be there for you. They will even fight with the mother for the sake of their brother and sister. This is the bond that is eternally blessed and to enforce this beautiful relation we have a holy festival of Raksha Bandhan. This Rakhi has the power to connect brother and sister no matter how far they are from each other. This Rakhi can make their presence felt. Everyone remembers their childhood, fighting with each other and then making up to the other person all these things combine together to make brother-sister love, and to enhance this love there is the festivity of Raksha Bandhan. This is celebrated in the month of Sawan by the followers of the Hindus religion in India.

In this whole world, the love between brother and sister is the most unique. It is more pious than the river Ganges and there is lots of faith attached to the thread called Rakhi. This tiny little raw thread of Rakhi is so powerful that it can remove all the complaints, lamentation, or accusations that may have arisen due to the dust of time. It is the hope for all the brothers and the love of all the sisters. The sisters pray to the almighty lord for the success of their brothers from the depth of their heart and wish them happiness in life. The sister ties the Rakhi on the Wrist of the brothers in the form of love and gratitude. This Festival brings happiness in the air with lots of sweets, chocolates, dry fruits, flowers, and gifts. The Sister wears formal dresses and gets ready for these celebrations and brothers also save their money to buy the best gifts for their beloved sisters.

This is the bond that is not broken even if somebody tries to break it because it is tied with the heart and then it is known as Raksha Bandhan. This love of a sister is not less than any blessing from god. Even though the distances usually fade the relations but there is no sorrow even if they both are separated the Rakhi has the power to unite and rejuvenate the love and the relationship both. The Brothers also wish that their sister remains their strength and if ever they are down and weak they stand as a shield. There is a tradition of tying rakhi to the machine and vehicles in India to seek the blessing and protection and as an act of thankful gesture. The governments of different states also acknowledge this and don’t charge any fare from the sisters on this day in the local transport.

To sum up, this Raksha Bandhan which brings happiness and sisters are full of love and contentment. They Decorate the Rakhi Pooja thali with Roli sweets and Diya. they tie the Rakhi on the brother's hand and take a promise from their brother to keep the honor of the Rakhi and never forget them. This Raksha Bandhan brings peace, ease, and comfort to both the mind and body of the siblings. It is the perfect time to tell your sibling how special they are and how much they mean to you. You can also send rakhi online in India.
There is an old saying that Rakhi is a combination of five very important words where
R is Rock Strong Relationship
A is Acceptance Forever
K is Kindness to the core of the heart
H is Heartwarming presence
I is Idealist relationship

Happy Raksha Bandhan

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